Thursday, 10 January 2008

i'm still not really here

but i just wanted to see if anyone was horrified at the same sentence i was in this article.

update: BW has guessed which sentence appalled me. (Apart from, like, the whole thing.) Yes, it was the thing about estate agents telling people to get rid of their books to sell their house. Specifically, the phrase 'tired and middle aged' made me swear at the computer. Ain't no way I'd be moving my books just to try and sell my house.

I read. All the time. My husband D loves it; he wasn't encouraged to read as a child and he's fascinated by how fast I read. Our flat is slowly being taken over by books. Soon there won't be room left for us. I love it. One of my friends find reading difficult, but now he's discovered the Sharpe books, he has started to branch out into other things. But because he was treated as though he was stupid at school, it's taken him over a decade to get to that point. I can't help but wonder if that is the case for a lot more of those 16-24 year old men. Because these days boys are doing worse and worse in school, and noone seems to care.

Something's rotten in the state of education, and it's not being tackled.


Imperatrix said...

... That What's-her-name Beckham has never read a book? (shocking, but not surprising)

... That 40% of people lie about having read certain books? (I think I read this somewhere else...)

... What? WHAT?

John said...

The opening paragraph was enough to enrage me. I love reading books, they really are my equivalent of a pick-me-up.

Blue Witch said...

That estate agents tell people to get rid of books to sell their houses?

That says more about estate agents than book readers methinks...