Saturday, 26 January 2008

The metro.

The metro is up to win an award as one of the best train operators in the country.

I really do love the metro. I think it's a fantastic transport system. Or at least, potentially a fantastic system.

Look at the map. There are whole swathes of the city that are missed out - the East End, for one. The whole chunk in the middle of the loop between Wallsend and Northumberland Park. Blaydon, which is to the East of Gateshead. There are lots of possible extensions listed in wikipedia, but the only one listed as being considered at present wouldn't make much difference really.

It's a shame, because if you live somewhere near a metro and want to go somewhere near a metro, it's a great service. But for many people, including me, one end of the equation falls apart. I want to go somewhere near a metro station, but don't live near one.

Although when I'm in town it is still handy to get from Haymarket to Central Station in a hurry.


pierre l said...

Well done to your Metro, B. Sorry to read that it doesn't serve your area of town. But I see that there appear to be some interchanges with buses, but, of course, the map is only a diagram.
When the Montreal subway (also known as the Metro, but then it was based to some extent on the Paris system), a lot of the bus routes that operated nearby were changed to lead people to the nearest station.

B said...

It does indeed have good interchanges - Haymarket, Gateshead, Central and a few others are excellent - but generally speaking, by the time you've got the bus to the interchange you could have just got a bus direct :) Newcastle's quite small so it's not really worth doing multiple journeys unless you need to. Transport here is good, but still could be better.

I was actually on the metro (here! heh) again today and was thinking about it all. Another post is brewing. Soon :) But I have to blog about Caroline's book signing first :)

John said...

Isn't Gordon Brown proposing that some ghastly sum or other be spent updating the transport system in London so that there is one direct line all across London or something? I can't remember the in's and out's of it all, I just remember thinking 'What an absolute waste of money' bearing in mind that (in my opinion at least), the current transport system in London is satisfactory enough to get people from A to B.

And then when you put a case forward like this one it is clear to see how the money he is wasting there could be spent in much smaller ways to make things genuinely better elsewhere.

Although if I'm going to accidentally spark off a debate about that one, I would like to clarify that if I was debating better uses for Gordon Brown's money in the country, I wouldn't start with metro's! But just for you, B, I'd put them at number 3 or 4 on my list.


B said...

You are very generous! The people of Newcastle will thank you when you are in charge of the UK ;) I hadn't heard that plan of Gordon Brown's - just don't get it. Yes the tube needs some work, but that's just crazy.

pierre l said...

I think John is referring to this: "Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP: "For decades the idea of Crossrail - a major new railway link connecting central London, the City and Canary Wharf to Heathrow and to commuter areas east and west of the capital"
This would run from fairly near where I live (even closer if it was extended to Reading).

B said... how is it supposed to benefit the whole of the UK? I don't geddit :(

pierre l said...