Sunday, 20 January 2008

The North's angel

I couldn't believe, reading this, that the Angel of the North has been there for almost ten years. I was one of the nay-sayers at first; couldn't believe such a large amount of money was being spent on such a ridiculous sculture.

But that was before I saw it for myself.

I was driving up the A1 to visit some friends; this was before I'd moved back to Newcastle. Just past the turn off for the A194, I was completely floored by the sudden visual impact of the Angel appearing, seemingly from nowhere. The road bends around to drive right next to it. As you drive past, it towers above you; like a guardian for the north east.

It's a shame that you can barely see it from the train. If you don't know where to look when and which precise angle to crane your neck at, you'd never see it. It's hard enough in the day, but it's not lit up so at night it's almost invisible from the East Coast Main Line.

But it's beautiful.


pierre l said...

Happy birthday Angel. I found Gateshead's panoramic picture a bit dizzying, but lovely.

Caroline said...

I agree. It's a stunning sight.

B said...

Pierre, took me a while to find that, but I quite agree :)

Hi Caroline :) really is, isn't it?