Thursday, 3 January 2008


Remember the fakeout? Where I thought it snowed and it hadn't? This morning I woke up and thought it had snowed, but then remembered being wrong before thought thought it must be frost.

Apparently not, this time. It snowed on and off all day, whirling flakes and soft hailstones, making the pavements in town treacherous. It's freezing hard tonight.

I am trying to get a load of stuff out of the way right now. I'm getting there, but not finished yet. Probably Sunday before I post again.


loria said...

That photo is what I see everyday right now. (that photo is from a local newspaper) We received well over a foot of snow on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day and it's been VVVERY cold. I guess it's supposed to warm up significantly this weekend, though, so it'll probably all melt :(

loria said...

oops doesn't look like the link worked. try this:

it's the whole article and the photo in the corner :)

Imperatrix said...

First snows are always such fun!

b said...

Wow. Lansing *only* had 7 inches of snow? That's insane :) It's been raining overnight, so it's pretty much gone now :(

pierre l said...

Since snow is the subject, I was just reading a blog by "Jazz", a woman from Montreal (where I was born and lived until 1970 - I feel old). Her piece is at
and she says that they have had a cumulative 150cm of snow this season. I got to her via "Voyager" who comments on Iceland Weather Reports. Isn't blogging wonderful?
While I am including links, I though you might enjoy reading Jazz's views about buses and snow. This is at
On the other hand, you should finish your work before before you take the time to read any more blogs :-)
PS. we didn't get any snow in my part of Berkshire.

John said...

See ya Sunday hopefully.

loria said...

scary thing is, b, that 8 inches of snow we received on new years day doubled over the course of the next 48 hours. that newstory wasn't quite right in saying we weren't expecting more.

it's a beautiful wonderland out there, but cold! and painful to shovel. anytime you want some snow i'll send some your way ;)


(pssst. I'm going to email you this weekend)

b said...

It's nice of you all to drop in and say hi. Thanks :)

Wow, pierre, that is a LOT of snow. If you have to shovel snow off your roof? There is TOO MUCH of the stuff :)

Yeah, Loria, send me some. Enough to get me off work (doesn't have to be much round here!) and build a snowman instead :) Look forward to the email!

pierre l said...

The 100 degree F summer with high humidity and long freezing winters are probably part of the reason why I am in the UK rather than Montreal. But shovelling snow off the roof does sound a bit extreme. Having to dig the car out after a snow-storm, or clearing the path between the house and pavement was very common though.

Lane said...

Aargh, no snow please. Well maybe just a bit. Just enough to have to have a play outside and then scuttle in for hot choccie but not enough to make life any more difficult:-) And no slush afterwards .... or icy roads:-) This country isn't equiped to deal with snow, or sun for that matter!

b said...

Hi Lane and thanks for dropping in :)
I think the ideal is snow without actually *having* to go outside. Just to make a snowman! And yay hot chocolate... not had any in yonks... maybe tomorrow night I'll make myself some.

THis country isn't equipped to deal with anything, really ;)