Thursday, 21 February 2008


I don't know if I'm crazy to even think about submitting something to this.

But it's a good idea, so I'm I'm spreading the word anyway.


B said...

Can't make it work properly. I'll figure it out in the morning.

pierre l said...

Please do submit. It would be lovely to have something of yours in there.

trousers said...

Knowing absolutely nothing about you apart from the few sentences I've read on your blog so far, I'd say go for it!

Thought I'd come over and say hi :)

B said...

Thanks Pierre. I've reread my blog and have a few pieces I'm thinking about. When I've made my husband cut it down a little, I'll ask everyone's opinions on which to go for :)

Trousers! Hello! Nice to see you over here :)

loria said...

I think you definitely should make a go of it, B. *Definitely*.