Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I'm missing a lot at the minute

There was an earthquake last night. I was awake at 1am, but I completely missed it. I have never felt one and am quite disappointed.

And yesterday was rather windy but I didn't really notice all the destruction that was going on. I was a bit scared that one of the huge trees next to our building was going to fall onto us - that actually happened on my parents' road; a tree below onto a house in a gale. Luckily the house was empty because it was a complete mess afterwards - but other than that I didn't really notice. But the Tyne Bridge and the Redheugh bridge were both closed, which must have caused complete and utter chaos. They are the two main crossing points of the Tyne, if you're driving; if they are both closed you can either go over the Swing Bridge (wikipedia entry) - hardly an option for the thousands of cars trying to make the journey; or travel out to Blaydon to get on the A1. And seeing as the A1 was shut at Morpeth (a few miles further north)... I'm glad I don't drive.

There are actually seven bridges over the Tyne linking Newcastle and Gateshead: the Millennium Bridge, the rail bridge (called the King Edward bridge; trains can use either this bridge or the High Level), the High Level Bridge (which most doubt will ever be open to private cars again; the Tyne bridge, the swing bridge, the metro bridge (aka the QEII bridge, currently the centre of a art lightwork that I have managed never to see) and the Redheugh, which you just have to throw yourself at pronouncing. (I think that is all of them in the right order but am happy for people to correct me if I'm wrong!) But you can only drive over three of them, so as you can imagine, if two are shut - chaos results.

(Incidentally I've never heard about the Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead before, but apparently the High Level bridge was a great vantage point. I love wikipedia.)


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Imperatrix said...

There was an earthquake in New Jersey when I was a teen (NJ never gets earthquakes). I woke up, thought, "Why is a big truck rumbling through our neighborhood in the middle of the night?", turned over, and went back to sleep.

Seven! That seems like a magical number of bridges.

B said...

at least you realised afterwards you'd felt one :)

and yes, the bridges really are magical. They are pretty close together and it's just amazing to be on one looking at the others.

Mike said...

Hi B, I think there is 11 over the tyne.



from (newcastleupontynedailyphoto)

B said...

Hi Mike! OK, I have changed what I'd written to clarify that I'm talking about bridges linking Newcastle and Gateshead :)