Saturday, 16 February 2008

Seven positive things meme

Well, everything in my list got at least one vote, so I'll do them all :)

But for the minute, I have complained that I didn't get tagged with a meme and then been tagged for it by John over at cognitive malfunction, so I will be posting seven positive things here first. In no particular order. I think my family and friends come joint first, but beyond that, there is no joy in trying to say running is more important than writing or vice versa, so I won't torment myself by trying. The numbering is just so you really do get seven :)

1) My family. And in there, I am including my husband D, my parents, sisters, grandparents, in-laws... the whole boiling lot of them. I am incredibly fantastically lucky to have such fantastic, supportive, helpful, loving people in my family. I know some people aren't so lucky.

2) My friends. I also have some pretty damned fantastic friends, both
on the internet and offline (incidentally, does facebook count as offline?). Supportive, cheerful, enthusiastic - I am lucky.

3) Writing. Module 3 (poetry) (hey, that rhymes!!!) of my Creative Writing OU course has tried its best to beat it out of me, but I still love writing. I have done for as long as I can remember, although for a long time I didn't bother. But I love putting words together to weave a story and I am at my happiest when I am putting that into practice. Things keep getting in the way of that, but I am getting better at setting time aside and Just. Doing. It already. I am a happier B when I do.

Still generally hate poetry though. With a few notable exceptions - TS Eliot, WH Auden, Edgar Allen Poe, Larkin.

Oh and reading has to come in this section, too, else I'll run out of numbers. I love reading. Anything. The back of a cereal packet if there's nothing else.

4) My job. It's got less and less cheery in the months since I started, but I love the people I work for, I mostly love the people I work with, and I love my line manager. And I love that I am mostly left to work independently without anyone looking over my shoulder. I love that people ask me things and that I can help. I know that bugs some people, but I love to feel needed.

5) The north east. I just love living here. I love the accent, the dialect. I love being so central - coast, country and city are all within 30 minutes or less of my front door. I love being called pet and flower and hinny - I know it's sexist but that's one of those times when I actually feel that we should extend it so we can call men these things, not stop people using them to women. Anyway, it's normally women who use them towards me anyway.

And there is just a lovely air here. The first time I ever came to Newcastle, I got off the train and within thirty minutes had decided that this was where I wanted to be. I left after living here for nearly three years and never settled anyplace til I came back. This is home, now, and I can't imagine living anywhere else.

(I've been drinking. Can you tell?)

6) Running. I've barely run since the Great North Run, but I've been out three times in the last week and I'm back. I love running. It amazes me that I can do it at all. I'm used to being the unfit one, the reader, the indoorsy person. And I still am, mostly; and yet I can run for over an hour and be OK. I can run a half marathon and not die. Although running wasn't quite the right word. And some very fit people die doing half marathons. You know what I mean.

7) Music. Love it. Couldn't live without it. Those certain sequences of notes where you get a shiver down your neck, your back - I don't even know how to finish that sentence. I just know that it would be less of a life without it. I would be able to cope with going deaf, as long as I could keep the memory of how that feels.

If you wanna do this meme, consider yourself tagged! (Caroline, you might wanna, but don't feel pressured if you don't.) In the meantime, pop on over here, donate to One In Four, and download a copy of the best book I am going to read all year.

Yes, I'm going out on a limb with this one. I can't imagine reading anything better in 2008, even though there are still ten months to go. It'll be better if you have read In Search of Adam but if you haven't don't let that stop you. I will be writing and posting a review tomorrow, but in the meantime - get downloading!


pierre l said...

Hello B. It's good to see you happy, even if alcohol helped. It is also good to know that you have taken up running again.
I am short of ideas for comments at the moment. Such a long and interesting post, and such a tiny comment...

B said...

No problem pierre :) always nice to get comments even if they are short!