Sunday, 3 February 2008

A signing.

Caroline signing my book.

I was so excited when I saw her. I was kind of scared that we wouldn't recognise each other, but we did.

Caroline writes nice things in books. And writes fantastic books. And I can't wait for Disraeli Avenue and Black Boxes.

(And I managed to resist buying another two books on the 3 for 2 deal. It was hard, so hard, but I did. My reading pile is too high and I have too much work to do.)


Caroline said...

I know what you look like :)

Was lovely meeting you.

B said...

But you promised you weren't a stalker!!!!! ;p

Cassandra said...

any interest in a 2-4-1 steak dinner at Revolution tonight at 7:30p for half of £7.95? We've got three people to go and need a fourth. I'd love to meet you!

B said...

Oh Cassandra I only just read this! Thanks for the offer but I can't get into town in 8 minutes :( Maybe next time then!

Cassandra said...

We didn't end up getting there until nearly 8p, so it would have been fine :) Next time, tho, for sure!