Thursday, 7 February 2008


Well, I still haven't updated those links over there *points right*, but I *have* just cleaned up my kinja. There are a lovely load of new sites in there for anyone who wants something new to read.

(Me, faff on the interweb instead of working? Never!!!)

I also just discovered yesterday that one of the Waterstones shops in Newcastle city centre has closed. On Christmas Eve, and I only just found out! According to the linked article, "Waterstone’s – which has another branch across the Monument on Blackett Street – have decided to withdraw from the city centre spot after saying it is “commercially unviable” to have two sites so close together."

But there has been two shops that close together for years. Literally over a decade. How on earth have they only just decided that now?

Anyway, even though they found someone who preferred the old one for that story, I prefer the one that's still open, so I'm happy enough. Amusingly, the shop will be a H&M when it reopens - there is already a H&M store about a third of a mile away, on Northumberland Street. I wonder if in 15 years time they will decide that that isn't commercially viable either.

They make a big thing in the article about how the building is an 'elegant three story listed building', too, but it's not like the building that's left is ugly, is it?

I'm also rather disappointed in Waterstones at the mo, as even though Caroline's book is listed on the website and on the 3 for 2 deal, the Newcastle shop doesn't have any copies in yet. Oh well; they have ten on order. I'll keep going in and asking til they turn up so as many people as possible hear and get curious :)

Next: there are various things I want to write about, so I thought I'd let you have a vote! Choose from:
1. the magic of travelling on the metro
2. bus drivers
3. the Civic Centre
4. train journeys out of Newcastle
(there are more but that's all I can remember right now.) Vote for your chosen one in the comments! If you are nice to me, I may write more than one of them :)


Cassandra said...

Can I cast a vote that I think you should do all of those ideas?

Have you not been to the city centre recently? It's kinda hard to miss the boarded up windows...

B said...

You'd think, wouldn't you? But I rarely walk that way unless I'm actually going in. Talking of which, D actually *did* walk in. He completely missed the boarded up windows and walked through the door. Then noticed it was like a building site and that everyone was staring at him and backed out slowly. We are both dim. Heee! :)

B said...

Oh and yes I will count that vote :)

Clare D. said...

Hell b - just returning the compliment!

B said...

Hi Clare, thanks for dropping by :)

ourman said...

Bus drivers, definately bus drivers.

In the fabulous book The Far Corner it maintains that North East bus drivers were the original model for Reservoir Dogs.

pierre l said...

It would be lovely to read about any of those, B. If we can't have them all, then 1 and 4 would be my choices.
I see from their website that the Bracknell branch of Waterstone's have copies of ISoA, so I'll visit them tomorrow. And now the Newcastle branch does as well.
I assume I managed to find "clare d.", even though the comment didn't link to her blog. I first saw her blog when she did an interview with Caroline Smailes last week.
Reading blogs is fun!

John said...

The magic of the metro! I need educating :)

Caroline said...

Hi honey.

All Waterstone's and Borders should have ISoA :( I should start a spotting ISoA campaign!


B said...

Hi Ourman - thanks for popping in! Sorry it took me so long to say hi, I'm not normally that rude....

Michael said...

The remaining Waterstones used to be Dillons if I remember correctly. I wonder if Waterstones bought them out. I'm not sure.