Friday, 22 February 2008

Veggie delight

I kept having people ask me if I'd been to Sky Apple Cafe for years, but I never got round to going til a year or so ago. Sure it's veggie and I'm veggie, but it's in Heaton too and I didn't see that it could be worth trekking out there. Heaton isn't far, but if you don't drive it's a faff to get to from where I live.

It was when two people who aren't vegetarian but have partners who are told me 'i'm not veggie, but it's fantastic' that I thought I really did want to go. If it's good enough to make meat eaters praise it, I was curious.

I've been in the day and not been all that impressed. It's good but nothing special. But it opens three nights a week as a restaurant and then it's great. The food is fantastic, the presentation is beautiful, and the staff are lovely. Tonight I had a beautiful meal there; starters, main and dessert, just because I could. Starter was a veg and tofu kebab with a spicy peanut satay sauce (I wish I'd written down its name); main was Empanada - a pastry stuffed with veggie chilli, and pecan and banana tart tartin - with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream - for dessert.

Starter: beautiful. The satay sauce was perfect, and it came in an edible little pastry dish, kind of like samosa pastry. I would have been happy with that on its own, so the kebab's worth of stuff to dip in it was a great bonus! Main: lovely, but a tiny bit too much chilli for my liking. Dessert: was nice, but the tart filling was basically three halves of banana with some pecan filling squished between them and enveloped in pastry. It was nice, but there was too much banana, too much pastry, and not enough toffee sauce. Although there is rarely enough toffee sauce in the world. Three of us had that dessert and all of us thought too much banana, too much pastry, and not enough sauce. I told the guy who was clearing out dessert plates and he seemed happy enough to get the feedback. There were five of us out tonight; three veggie, two not, and everyone really enjoyed their food. One of the non-veggies is a dedicated carnivore and even she seemed happy.

The chef has released an eBook called 'The Busy Vegetarian'. It's only £3.49. Not as charitable as Caroline's Disraeli Avenue (see how I work plugs into the most unlikely posts?!) but I'm still going to check it out. This sorbet sounds lovely, although I may cut down the on the lime.

If you're veggie, or know a veggie who you want to treat, or just want a damned good meal, I'd highly recommend you try this place out next time you're in Newcastle.

Oh. Just editing this though to say - don't go on a windy night. Every time the door opened, everything not held down blew off our table. They really need a vestibule area to keep the cold and the wind out.


Cassandra said...

ooh, a bit pricy for a skint student like myself, but it seems easy enough to get to from where I live. twenty minutes, tops, and i'd get to take a walk through the parks! Sounds yummy tho!

ourman said...

I think it is just fabulous. I am not a veggie and I loved it. The tastiest food I have in Newcastle for a very long time.

It helps that I live in Heaton though.

B said...

Cass, definitely worth saving up and going when you want a treat :)

I think I would be there rather too much if I lived in Heaton ourman :) I'm quite glad you have to book in the evenings so I can't be spur-of-the-moment B!