Saturday, 26 April 2008

Get Carter

I've written more than once about the Get Carter car park. I have no love for it, as you can tell if you've read those posts. But before it's demolished, it's being opened to the public, this weekend only.

I have so much else I should be doing, but if I can find a little time, I might pop over there and see.

Still haven't forgotten about the choice of posts I offered you a couple of months back. I will be working on them soon now things have calmed down a bit. (As well as the not coping very well with life generally, I've had a colleague from Samaritans die; she was only 23. I didn't know her well but her death was still a shock. And a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is the same age as me and that also came as a very nasty shock. Life's been stressful recently, but it's all a reminder to live your life while you still can, as you never know when it will be too late.)

For now, I'm going to do some work for my course; it finishes soon and there is LOTS to do beforehand. And then going to wagamama tonight with 2 for 1 vouchers from Yum. Tomorrow, more work.

Oh. And I got a camera for my birthday. Expect more pics.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

while you're waiting...

I wanted to ask something.

I had a huge (good humoured) argument on my birthday with a friend about the relative posh-ness of hash browns in a fried breakfast.

Are hash browns posh, or common?

I will refrain from saying which I thought until I've had some answers. I don't want to make anyone reluctant to post their answer :)

Sunday, 20 April 2008

See, I'm not particularly fond of John Prescott, but I can't help but respect him for making this confession.

(Proper post by WednesdayFriday, honest, promise.)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

For anyone who's in Newcastle on Sunday...

The National Front are having a march. Why not join the counter rally instead?
I'm not feeling very eloquent, so I'll let ourmaninnewcastle tell you why.

I can't be there (unless someone discovers a way to shoehorn a extra five weeks between now and next Friday so I can finish my next OU assignment) but will be there in spirit.