Wednesday, 9 April 2008

For anyone who's in Newcastle on Sunday...

The National Front are having a march. Why not join the counter rally instead?
I'm not feeling very eloquent, so I'll let ourmaninnewcastle tell you why.

I can't be there (unless someone discovers a way to shoehorn a extra five weeks between now and next Friday so I can finish my next OU assignment) but will be there in spirit.


Jon said...

I have OU work to do too :) So, no rallying for me then.

loria said...


No rallying for me, as I am thousands of miles away but I definitely support the cause.

We need OU here in the states.

(PS part of your pressie that I ordered isn't here yet but you'll get it soon. at least you better, i hate the postal service. not the band, the actual USPS)

B said...

Hi jon. glad you came back after the liverpool/arsenal thing :)

thanks loria sweetie! looking forward to getting it :) you need to email me your address, i think i have it but not 100% sure it is right. i have a couple of little things for you. one is the most recent copy of the Big Issue magazine. It has an interview with REM :)

B said...

Wow, my first spam comment! I'm almost honoured :)