Saturday, 26 April 2008

Get Carter

I've written more than once about the Get Carter car park. I have no love for it, as you can tell if you've read those posts. But before it's demolished, it's being opened to the public, this weekend only.

I have so much else I should be doing, but if I can find a little time, I might pop over there and see.

Still haven't forgotten about the choice of posts I offered you a couple of months back. I will be working on them soon now things have calmed down a bit. (As well as the not coping very well with life generally, I've had a colleague from Samaritans die; she was only 23. I didn't know her well but her death was still a shock. And a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is the same age as me and that also came as a very nasty shock. Life's been stressful recently, but it's all a reminder to live your life while you still can, as you never know when it will be too late.)

For now, I'm going to do some work for my course; it finishes soon and there is LOTS to do beforehand. And then going to wagamama tonight with 2 for 1 vouchers from Yum. Tomorrow, more work.

Oh. And I got a camera for my birthday. Expect more pics.


pierre l said...

Poor B, you have had a stressful time. Sorry to read about both your colleague and your friend.
I did think of you when I saw a piece about the car park on the BBC's web site, but I decided to to say anything as you are so busy.
Have a good time at wagamama - I still haven't tried it following your previous recommendation.

Jon said...

I wish my course was finishing soon, how many more TMA's have you got to do?

B said...

Thanks Pierre. I really do love Wagamama :)

One more TMA and then an ECA jon. Have to post my ECA by 3rd June to be absolutely sure it arrives on time. Haven't decided what to do next, but it will NOT be another 60 point course. Maybe a 30 or a couple of 10s. I plan to do level 3 Advanced Creative writing, but I'm going to give myself a year off first. It's EXHAUSTING this OU business :)

Jon said...

Funny you should say that, I start a promotion course for 5 weeks on Monday and my uni course finishes in October and I too am taking a year off to enjoy life. And maybe propose to The Girl eventually. You heard it here first! But don't comment on my blog about that or anything because she reads it and we can't have her knowing now can we lol.

B said...

Eee how exciting! Won't say anything though, my lips are sealed :)

SpiralSkies said...

Hey, I did that OU writing course last year! Loved it - how are you finding it? Poetry section sucks. But mmmm Wagamama, Ginger Chicken Udon. Ah, I dream about that stuff.

Hello, by the way. how come I've never discovered you before?!

B said...

I have no idea how our paths haven't crossed before - just one of those odd inexplicable things I guess!

Loving the course - HATED the poetry section til the tutorial, at which point something clicked and I was quite happy with my mark - I just submitted some of the poems to the Mslexia poetry competition!!!! Just submitted the life writing section a couple of weeks back which I didn't enjoy too much and now I am panicking about TMA5 and the ECA. Hey, did you see they have an advanced creative writing course now? I may leave that one til next year though :)

Wagamama was delish, I'm sure you're glad to hear :)

Thanks for dropping in!