Sunday, 20 April 2008

See, I'm not particularly fond of John Prescott, but I can't help but respect him for making this confession.

(Proper post by WednesdayFriday, honest, promise.)


trousers said...

Well yes, I agree on both counts - I have no liking for the man, but fair enough to him for speaking out about this.

Jon said...

I can safely say it's not just anorexic young girls who suffer from this too. I used to mildly suffer too until guys I worked with found out about it and threratened to shop me to my hierarchy so I had to kick it into touch before it cost me my job.

It wasn't too pleasant.

B said...

Wow. Well done for getting through that jon. Can't have been easy dealing with it mostly on your own in that environment (were they helpful with what was going on or just threatening?).
Hi trousers *waves* more people need to speak out about stuff like this. some people WILL take the piss out of him for this, but if he helps people with this, then good on 'im.