Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A few of my favourite things.

Well ourmaninnewcastle is doing it as well as Cassandra now, so I'm giving you a list of my eight favourite things about Newcastle.

The Quayside at night has to be right up there. The place buzzes. Walking along the riverside on a summer's evening, just after it's got dark. I don't do it often enough.

Jesmond Dene and the Armstrong Bridge. It always amazes me that there is such a green haven so close to the city centre. Also featuring Pet's Corner. I don't go to Jesmond Dene very often either. A theme is developing....

Sky Apple Cafe is fantastic, as I may have mentioned before. Veggie but comes highly recommended by both veggies and carnivores alike. I prefer it in the evening; it's not cheap, but it's worth every penny.

(I'm getting frustrated. I want to list the rabbits but ourman got their first. In fact, I just want to recite most of his list. The Tyneside cinema... and especially the tearooms, although I do agree that Intermezzo is great too. The Metro. The Coast. It's all fab.)

Bill's Fish Bar in Cullercoats. Much better than the one in Tynemouth that everyone goes to. It's a fair drive from home, but worth it. The staff are great too.

The Great North Run. It's an amazing experience - to run or to watch. I think I'll be watching this year...!

The Turkish Baths. They are fab. Haven't been there for a while either.

The Angel of the North. The first time I saw it for real, I was driving north on the A1. It appears from nowhere and I nearly died of shock. I wasn't expecting it at all. (I'm being rather fluid with my definition of Newcastle here; hope you'll forgive me.) (I've written about it here too.)

And finally, the people. The accent and dialect. I love Newcastle, but without the people, it would have no heart. I love that even though people think I sound posh (believe me I don't), they accept me and know I love the place too.

There are lots of things I should do more of. I need to start incorporating more fun into my life.


ourman said...

I always meant to go to the Turkish baths but never made it. Thanks for the reminder.

B said...

Well worth the trip - and well worth paying the extra tenner for a massage too. I've never understood why they don't advertise them more.

minxlj said...

Nice to hear your comments about the accent! I used to try and hide mine, didn't like it - but after a bit of world travel I realise people quite like it, and it's me, so now I quite like it!

Your list reminded me, Fenham Fish Bar (now called Gorman's I think?) is awesome. There's always a queue right round the corner, but worth the wait. Used to go there every weekend when I lived there!

The Quayside at night is one of the first things I show any visiting friend, and they always fall in love with it. I'm in love with it! My mate, a lawyer from London, said it actually beats being down there as well!! Take that, North-South divide ;-)

B said...

Hi minxlj! Thanks for popping in. I really do love Geordie accents. They make me happy, and jealous that I don't have one :)

Thanks for the chippy recommendation!