Monday, 26 May 2008

I got me a laptop

And it is goooooooood.

Thanks to all the advice the other day. It was much appreciated and I feel much better now.

Today has been beautiful. The whole weekend has, just about. I mowed the lawn before and was quite worried I was going to get sunburned. (Although I was only outside a short while and was too lazy when I realised quite how hot it was to go inside for suncream. Bad B.)

back to proper updates soon.


pierre l said...

Well done B! I had been trying to decide how to comment on your previous post, and then Mike's comment largely expressed what I thought.
Have fun writing.

Mike said...

Congratulations! Make sure you backup your important files onto a USB stick or something. Perhaps keep dated versions of your manuscripts.

Also, I tend to put on a moisturiser with added SPF15 when I get up, so I don't have to worry about extra sunblock - its already included!


B said...

Thanks pierre and mike :) And thanks for the comment about backups Mike... tis a very good point!

SPF in your moisturiser? You are too organised for me :)

loria said...

hey what sort of laptop did you get?! i'm so proud of you!

well, i just got my $600 stimulus check from Uncle Sam here in the States... and while i want a new ipod, i might... just instead... put most of it toward a trip. i'm still wanting so bad to go but finances aren't the best... say a prayer or chant or whatnot for me ;)

B said...

Will email you later loria - from my exciting laptop!!!!!!!

Trips are way better than ipods. It's a fact *nods sagely*


SpiralSkies said...

Sometimes, daft as it sounds, 'things' really do make our life better. I'm not sure whether it's a practical thing or whether just allowing ourselves a real treat validates who we are and what we do.

Good on ya!

B said...

thanks jen :)