Sunday, 18 May 2008

i got...

my highest mark yet for my TMA (yes, my tutor has got the marks out already!). Managed to get a distinction. I was so excited I had to phone Cas and get all excited down the phone at her.

I had a complete crisis of confidence this afternoon. Managed to convince myself I'm nothing special as a writer. I am so proud now, so happy with my mark, and can't stop grinning like a loon. Yay me!


pierre l said...

Very well done indeed, b! Congratulations, and hugs, and handshakes, and whatever else is appropriate.

Caroline said...

And so you should be proud!
Your squeals were perfect.

And I am most impressed at how quickly your tutor marked the TMA. I always used to mark the ones I knew I'd like best first :)


trousers said...

Brill! I'm pleased for you, it's always good when something like this happens.

Hope you had/will have suitable celebrations!

B said...

Thank you everyone! I am still most excited, although also ill - have a fit of the dizzies today, so I missed the Poppy Shakespeare event :(

Cas I hope that's why I got my mark back so fast! :D