Saturday, 17 May 2008

Moody photos around Haymarket metro


Work is really in progress now to upgrade the Metro station.

The Metro station is open in the day, but closes at 7.45pm each day.

Looking down Northumberland Street. The clock on the corner of the cream-coloured building struck 6pm just as I took this photo.

Did you spot the outlined castle towers at the top of the lamppost in the middle of the picture? I never see them normally but was really happy when I spotted them outlined against the sky.


Cassie said...

It's funny how lighting and clouds can change things! This ruddy, cloudy day makes me wish for the sunny days we've been having the last two weeks, but it's also nice to stay in and read books and magazines in my pyjamas all day!

Cassie said...

May I have your permission to use that last photo on dailyphoto? You'll have full credit given, of course!

SpiralSkies said...

I love moody photos... there's just something too wholesome about endless blue skies. Snarling weather, that's what us creative types need.

B said...

Cassie, of course! I am incredibly flattered :) I will email it to you (I don't think the quality will be any higher but it'll be easier for you.)

It's funny, Jen - it wasn't *that* dark when I took the photo, but it looks it doesn't it. It is quite inspirational :)

I'd like a bit of blue sky *right now*, but I'd get bored if it lasted too long!

Mike said...

Hi Mike here!

Strangely enough, my colleague at work sent me a link to what the metro refurbishment will look like:

Haymarket Hub

And here's what the station platform will look like!

From Nexus website

Very posh! Check out the ceiling colours!

Dumps all over any other subways in UK!


B said...

Thanks Mike, those links are really interesting - looks like it's going to be fab. Although the aerial photos make it look a bit odd - but how often am I going to see it from the air, eh?!