Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Cassie over at Newcastle Daily Photo asked what people's favourite thing or place in Newcastle is.

I'm not sure, but this has to be one of them.

I believe it's listed, although I can't find any evidence of that right now.


Cassie said...

Where is this, B?

B said...

Sorry, can't believe I didn't say! In Jesmond on Osborne Avenue. It's great isn't it?

ourman said...

Wow - by pure chance I posted by ten favourite things in Newcastle today. What are the odds?

Debs said...

What a lovely post box. We only have the usual plain ones over here.


Imperatrix said...

I would love to send mail in something as lovely as that! Here, mailboxes are disappearing. Fewer people send out mail, so the Post Office doesn't want to do the upkeep on so many. But US mailboxes were never as pretty as UK ones.

B said...

Postboxes this lovely are rare, even over here. D saw a painting of it a while ago - would have loved to get it but we didn't even dare think about it.

Ourman, after posting that, I have been thinking all day about what else I love in Newcastle. I might have to do a whole post. It's obviously a 'Newcastle is great' theme week :)

Hi debs! You're a novel racer aren't you? I've been trying to get round everyone but there are so many! I'm going to pop in just now.

Hey imperatrix! How is the writing going??? ;)