Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Snapshots of Tuesday lunchtime.

Students, smokers and office workers everywhere (I suspect mostly the first). Sitting on any patch of green, outside Newcastle University's Robinson Library, outside the Civic Centre. Enjoying the sunshine.

A Chinese wedding party walking down Percy Street. I noticed a girl in a beautiful pinky-purple silk evening dress first and wondered first if there was a graduation ceremony on. She was walking with a group dressed equally formally. A few steps on, though, I saw a stunning Chinese girl in her early 20s, wearing a white wedding dress covered with beading and embroidery. They went into a Chinese restaurant to continue their celebrations. I hope they are incredibly happy together.

A tall goth woman with dyed black hair, glasses and a square face. She was pushing a child in a pushchair on the corner near Wilkinsons, dressed in huge orange-painted black boots, a long purple velvet skirt and a huge black coat, without even looking the slightest bit warm. I couldn't help but respect her dedication.

Four workmen in high viz vest sitting round a far-too-small table outside Mark Toney's, eating ice cream sundaes with ridiculously tiny plastic spoons.

A skinny goth girl with a huge smile wearing a black net top and impossibly high heels walking down the street with a collar round her neck, a bright green lead attached. The end of the lead was being held by the man with her. It was far too short though, and he had to keep his elbow bent and his arm up to keep hold.

The scent of coconut body lotion on warm skin mingled with the sharp smoke of a lit cigarette as I stopped far too close to the girl in front at a crossing in the middle of a road, the scents made stronger by the strength of the sunshine.

The densest patch of daises I have ever seen.

My travel pass expired on Friday and for various reasons I decided not to renew it. If I'd renewed it, I would have got the metro into town. If I'd got the metro into town, I would have missed nearly all of these things.


Cassie said...

I was totally one of those students today!

B said...

Ooooh, really? What sort of time, and which patch of grass? I'd love to know if I walked past you :)

A. Writer said...

Wow! That's a lot of daisies!

SpiralSkies said...

Isn't it wonderful when the world literally throws beauty in our path? I love the way you've described so brilliantly all these wonders so that we can share them...

B said...

a.writer, i really was stunned to see so many. glad to know i wasn't alone :)

hi again jen! *waves* thanks for saying that - i've been considering what to do with this blog and am actually just about to post about the whole issue. and it really was an amazing lunchtime excursion.