Thursday, 8 May 2008


I had an internal interview a few weeks ago.

I didn't get the job. And I'm really pleased about that.

Don't get me wrong; I would have loved the job I was going for. It would have been far more interesting than what I'm doing now, along with more responsibility and room to grow (oh and a lovely salary boost). And I was devastated when I heard I hadn't got it. But I was due to go out walking with a friend and her dogs that night, so I had to put the disappointment aside (and then she fed me chips and wine which always helps). By the time I woke up the next morning, I was feeling strangely positive; thinking about the fact that my course finishes soon and that I have two deadlines in quick succession. Thinking about the fact that I need to work really hard; that the last assignment is 50% of my final mark. Thinking about the fact that while I would have loved the job and know I would have been good at it, it's not my dream job. And it would have taken time and energy that I don't have available for work right now.

I've read a book (highly recommended btw) that says writing immediately on waking up will improve your capacity for writing; will improve the quality of your work massively; will heighten the urge to recast your day into words. So two weeks ago I started writing the second I was conscious enough to pick up my notebook and pen. I've written varying amounts before getting out of bed for 14 days in a row now and I plan on keeping it up nearly every day; only letting myself off if I have to be up much earlier or quicker than normal.

It means that I start my day doing something I love. And that means I start pretty much every day in a great mood. Someone commented yesterday that I'm much happier the last week or so. It's true, I am. I'm writing in the morning, in the evening, through the day. I've used birthday money to pay for subscriptions to writing magazines. Today I bought a load of women's mags that print short stories and I plan to study them, see what they print, see if I can get a story into print. I'm officially in the queue to join Novel Racers. I've started writing a novel.

Being so much happier and writing so much more is making me want to blog regularly again. But therein lies a dilemma.

I started this blog as a place to post my observations about living in the north east, but fairly quickly drifted away from that being the main focus of the blog. I want to get back to that, to open my eyes more and write about what I see. I enjoy choosing what to focus on and what to hide. I enjoy deciding what parts of me I show, what I conceal. But I also want to blog about writing, to write about what's going on in my life as a writer. And I don't know whether to write about that here, on my watching-geordie-life blog, or whether to start up a new blog, for writing talk.

So I will give the choice to you. What keeps you coming back here? What are you most interested in reading about? Would you be interested in reading about my writing life? If so, would you like to keep it all together? Would you keep up to date with two B blogs? If not, would it put you off coming back here if you had to skip past entries about writing to get to the meat, the heart of this blog? Should I start over elsewhere and have a general blog but with twin focii? Is focii a word??

*throws the floor open for comments*

Thanks for any answers you can give.


Cassie said...

I'd still be interested in both "focii", if they were one blog, or two. I think i'm more interested in your personality, doesn't really matter what you talk about. But I love hearing about the NE and writing, so it's like you're a triple threat! But a good one!

pierre l said...

Hello B. I read lots of blogs maintained by writers, and I'm happy to read about whatever you feel like writing (this sentence is not well-structured). I have noticed that writers with two blogs seem to drop one of them fairly quickly. This isn't the same as a published author having a fan-blog devoted to news about the books.
Kinja (replaced by Google Reader) does a good job of keeping an eye on blogs with infrequent posts (although I often check yours anyway, just in case Reader is being slow). So I could cope with you splitting yours,and would read both (unless you made one private, of course).
Having a mixture of posts about all sorts of things works for Boob Pencil, and I notice that Caroline has decided to go back to one blog.
Anyhow, it's not about us. It's about what you want to do, what you enjoy, etc. Especially if I get to read a book eventually!
Sorry to read about the missed job, but it sounds as though you are reasonably happy about it.

pierre l said...

I saw Cassie's comment after I finished writing mine, and I certainly share her views.

Caroline said...

I'll follow you where you choose to go. It's 'you' that interests me.

2 blogs is more time consuming and it didn't work for me. I think I was trying to please too many people. I started a book review one, because some of my blog readers didn't like reading book reviews. I was trying to please and it left me confused. I prefer to write/ramble in one place.

Do what makes you happy and we will adapt :)



B said...

Thanks for the comments, they're all helpful. :) Anyone else drops by, you're still welcome to chip in!

loria said...

i come here because you're my friend and you're interesting whether you're writing about politics or personal life or school or work or writing or... anything at all.

because i also do some writing myself, i would certainly read a 'writing blog' that you would do, but perhaps just tagging entries would be good as well, for your own management?

SpiralSkies said...

Why separate them? You're a writer living in the northeast - you're also lots of other things that don't have to be compartmentalised.

Blogs, whatever their subject, work when they're well-written and honest. Your blog is 'you' and I'm happy to read whichever thread is pulling you along on any particular occasion.

Crumbs, I sound all serious. Sorry about that!!

B said...

I'm still in the air about focii. Noone has told me whether or not it's a word yet ;)

Well anyway, the consensus seems to be to keep everything in one place. I will try and keep a balance between writing and geordieness, because I want to myself and because that way I will enjoy it more.

And I just wanted to thank you all... you have all said really complementary things about my blog. I wasn't asking for that at all, but I am all embarrassed now and very grateful. I'm glad you all like my writing. *wanders away blushing...*

Jon said...

I love your blog. As it is. That is why I keep coming back. Sure it's nice to hear the odd bit about the North-East but it would get monotonous if it was all the same. Just keep going as you are, your life is interesting :)

B said...

Thanks jon :)