Wednesday, 28 May 2008

  1. Went to the newly reopened Tyneside cinema tonight to see the film Joy Division. Just got back now.
  2. If you want to get a coffee before your film, leave plenty of time. The coffee is great, but the servers are incredibly slow.
  3. Was the mosaic in the entrance there before? I don't remember it.
  4. Take a layer if you feel the cold; I was cold and there was a draft on my feet.
  5. If you like Joy Division - anything from an unenthusiastic 'I don't mind them' to being a huge fan - then see the film. Still on at the Tyneside tomorrow night at 6.05 if you happen to be in the vicinity.
  6. Noone moved till the very end of the credits, where the screen fades to black. The screen was half full and yet there was almost complete silence, all over the final song (Atmosphere) which plays over the first half of the credits, then through the listings of all songs playing. After the screen faded to black a couple of people spoke, quietly, but most people stood up and filtered out in silence. I've never experienced anything quite like it.
  7. I still feel as though someone filled my head with helium and then placed lumps of lead in strategic positions around my body. I've been incredibly tired and sleepy all day and I think that contributed to the film being an almost hallucinatory experience.
  8. Newcastle is my adopted city, my home, but I don't think I realised until quite early on in the film that much as I dislike Manchester - much as I'm from the other side of the Manchester-Liverpool rivalry - that city is still in my blood. Still calls to me.
  9. I'm still a north-westerner.
  10. That really, really took me by surprise, and I'm going to have to spend a few days dealing with it.

I still don't feel like myself.


Caroline said...

I love that film! Love it.

I also loved Juno (which I have only just gotten around to seeing ad is not at all linked to this post).

I used to go to Tyneside cinema as a bairn, but alas now I am all grown up and moved :(


B said...

I have not yet seen Juno. I just added it to my blockbuster queue for when it comes out. Thanks for reminding me.

Do *you* remember whether there was a mosaic on the floor of the Tyneside when you went in? I didn't remember it at all.

I want to go to the Tyneside Tearooms. Haven't been there in years!

I'm glad the cinema is open again.

My thoughts are all fragmented tonight.

SpiralSkies said...

Films that break down the centre of you so that you're reeling in their wake are few and far between. 'Once' is the last one that did it to me.

I'll have to look out for it. Sounds as if the audience were as blown away as you. There's something pretty magical in that.

B said...

I've not heard of Once. Will have to look it up.

I would also highly recommend the film Control. They are two halves of the Joy Division story. I'm not a huge Joy Division fan, but still loved them both, and like the music a lot more... only liked one or two songs before watching the films. Now they all give me shivers.

loria said...

oh my god, B go rent Once, it's such a beautiful stream of consciousness film. i doubt the music is really your sort but the story is just so so so touching and beautiful. it makes ireland look so much more beautiful than the faerie tale stuff we get here in the states.

i liked juno a lot, although as time goes by i like it a little less. i love ellen page, though. she's been in a lot of Canadian TV, which we get quite a bit of here in Michigan, so I enjoy her work.

I still haven't seen Control. I must. Every so often I rewatch 24 Party People and while I'm not a big Steve Coogan fan, it makes me wish I grew up in Madchester in the 80s... amazing.

B said...

I looked it up and realised I've seen a trailer and didn't fancy it from that. I will take a chance though and put that on my rental list too :)

I think you should watch Control, then Joy Division. They are like two sides of the coin. I haven't seen 24 hour party people either, should I?

loria said...

hmm... should you see 24 hour party people... i don't know. i'm not English so i don't really know how well it portrays the scene but my friend is from Romford in London and was a big part of the New Order/Joy Division fan base in the late 70s early 80s and he loved it. it's really an interesting slice of life and reminds me of being 10 years old camped in front of the TV watching old doctor who reruns with my sister in the early 80s on PBS. the music is great too. john simm plays a totally hot bernard sumner. ahem. not that i'm biased about john simm or anything. ok this is turning too long i'll email you ;)

Jon said...

Manchester is great.

Apart from the whole Man Utd bit.

That's just crap.

trousers said...

Must get round to watching this too - I did enjoy "Control", which after its initial fanfare seemed to garner mixed reviews. To me though, any flaws in that film seemed more about the limitations of what biopics can do in general rather than about "Control" specifically.

But I gather that this is a very different beast, and as someone who's listened to Joy Division for about 22 years (with breaks, obviously) then I know I'll see it sooner or later.

B said...

Loria, I will have to see 24 Hour Party People. Then I can decide for myself :)

Jon, don't go mentioning Man U on my blog! I will get all upset :)

Trousers, oh yes do watch it and let me know what you think. My youngest sister told me about Control but hasn't yet seen this - thought it would be like a crap version of Control. It's not, it's entirely different; and yet it's the same story. Damn near broke my heart all over again. The two seem to balance each other out - especially as Control seems to veer towards Deborah Curtis's version of the truth, while she doesn't appear in Joy Division (other than in quotes on the screen) and Annik does. I have told my sis she has to see it when her uni exams are finished.

And I can imagine that if you didn't build breaks into listening to Joy Division for that long you would end up going the same way as Ian Curtis!

I can't help but wonder if Ian knew that nearly 30 years later the world would still be fascinated by him and the story of his band, that would have made him think twice, or made him all the more determined. Such a waste that he felt that was his only choice.