Sunday, 15 June 2008

Ho hum. Life goes on. I sent off a story to Mslexia last week and who knows, that may get somewhere. And I have a few other short stories and at least three possible novels on the go. (I really should get on with some of those.)

But for today, I'm continuing a war on the back garden that I started yesterday. (Ours is a shared back garden with the other flat; the woman who lives there seemed to take it quite well that I've destroyed our half, but she also said that at some point she plans to fence it off, so... make what you will of that.) The garden behind ours has a rhus that has decided to take over our garden. I don't like that plan so I spent hours yesterday digging up its roots from under our back lawn. (I even disturbed and subsequently killed a queen bee who I sincerely hope does not have a loyal band of followers who are looking out for me to avenge her death.) If I don't return, you'll know that either the rhus or the bees managed to take their revenge.

Oh, and does anyone have a pneumatic drill I can borrow? I need to break up some concrete. Err, yay!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

I'm looking forward to reading this.

I would have been looking forward to it more if I was, y'know, in it. But I'm sure the rejection practice is good for me. Or that's what I keep telling myself when the jealousy of those who have been accepted hits me.

And I am still pleased for those of you who got in.

I wasn't going to write such an honest entry about this, but after my second glass of wine? Y'know, sod it.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


I've set up a flickr account over here.

I am thinking of doing the ten point intro to digital photography through the OU at some point. I like taking photos. Even if I'm naff at it.

One thing I did want to point out: I never noticed you could see the Civic Centre from the top end of Jesmond before. Look directly above the oncoming car, though, and you can.

I was quite surprised.

There's another fiver down the drain.

I wouldn't buy it just for JK Rowling's prequel.

But then I spotted Margaret Atwood's name.

And then Neil Gaiman's.

Damn them and their knowing my weak spots.

*digs out credit card*

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


My ECA went off on Wednesday last week. I took it to the Regional Centre as planned.

It's a strange feeling. I went out for tea and to see Sex and the City the evening I'd taken it in and I felt weird. Exhausted and the wine went to my head; it left me with an awful headache. Thursday and Friday I did nothing. Mentally and physically exhausted.

On Friday I got confirmation on my OU homepage that my project was received in time.

At the weekend I got a bit more done. Mowed lawns, dyed my hair again, cleared some rubbish, did some washing.

Yesterday D was ill with a
stomach bug.

Today the bug hit me. Ow.

Yesterday, though, I also got carried away and registered for the advanced level course. Yeah, I know. I was going to give myself a year off. But I don't want to lose the momentum. And I have nearly four months off over the summer....

And I think I've decided that the degree I'm working towards is BA (Hons) Literature. That came as quite a surprise. Literature has never been my strong point. Hilarious, no?

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Please bear with me.

I've been living, dreaming, eating, sleeping and generally living my End of Course Assessment for my Creative Writing course. The utter, absolutely, written in stone, deadline is Friday; electronic submission is not an option. This means copies of my work saved to my PC, my laptop and my memory stick. As well as drafts posted to the OU forums, just in case. This means either posting by today, or taking to my regional centre by tomorrow at 3pm. I planned to post today, but found out yesterday that I somehow hadn't received a piece of information about what one piece of my work had to include. Making enough space to include anything at all on that topic... well, let's just call it interesting and leave it at that, eh? I have used every single word of the 5% leeway we are given.

I am so grateful to D for being such a star and not complaining about my lack of housework. Or cooking. Or... anything, really. (We're normally a 50:50 household.)

Tomorrow lunchtime, I will take my work to the regional centre at lunchtime.

Tomorrow evening, after work, I will go out for tea with my friends, and then go and watch Sex and the City. Finally.

Thursday, I will probably have a bath and sleep. A lot.

Friday, I'm going to see a band at Mr Lynch.

The weekend? I have no idea. I have more pieces of writing to get ready to submit to various places, but I might need to switch off from them for a while.

I am amazed, and a little scared, that I have got this far.

Now, it's down to me.

(Next blog: next week, to be safe. But I'll aim for the weekend.)

Sunday, 1 June 2008


I've written before about the bridges over the Tyne, so I'm quite excited about the plans for an eighth. Even if it'll just be a temporary structure.

I hadn't realised before that the Tyne Bridge turns 80 this year. If you're ever in Newcastle, it's worth popping into the New Bridge pub near Manors metro station. I haven't been in for a while, so I can't vouch for them still being there, but they used to have photos on the back wall of the construction of the Tyne Bridge. I used to be antisocial if we sat near them, because I couldn't keep my eyes off them.

(Incidentally, the pub next door is where I met both D and one of my best friends. I haven't been in since it was known as Joe Wilsons. It's changed names twice since then.)

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished structure in July.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

I seem to have picked up a few readers in Germany. Willkommen! Und, wenn Sie meine Schwester sind, k├Ânnen Sie mir das sagen? Bitte?

Wenn nicht, sind Sie gleich wilkommen :)