Sunday, 1 June 2008


I've written before about the bridges over the Tyne, so I'm quite excited about the plans for an eighth. Even if it'll just be a temporary structure.

I hadn't realised before that the Tyne Bridge turns 80 this year. If you're ever in Newcastle, it's worth popping into the New Bridge pub near Manors metro station. I haven't been in for a while, so I can't vouch for them still being there, but they used to have photos on the back wall of the construction of the Tyne Bridge. I used to be antisocial if we sat near them, because I couldn't keep my eyes off them.

(Incidentally, the pub next door is where I met both D and one of my best friends. I haven't been in since it was known as Joe Wilsons. It's changed names twice since then.)

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished structure in July.


pierre l said...

That does sound very interesting. I trust you will supply one or more photos when the structure is up.

Mike said...

The Newbridge is an excellent pub, it's still there and one of my favourites!

By the way, the castle keep was in scaffolding last time I looked, wonder what they are doing? And the nearby High Level Bridge has just opened back up, after over 3 years being renovated!

B, have you seen the other stuff which is happening in Newcastle?

How about a stay at Hotel Monument? lovely airy views!

Journal Article:

Official site:

Or how about a picnic... right in middle of the city centre...

Picnopolis (in NewcastleGateshead)


Mike said...


I meant "The Bridge Hotel" pub next to the keep, as opposed to "The New Bridge" pub, which is pretty good too, used to go for lunch there, when I worked in Manors Business Park.


Mosher said...

Joe Wilsons has changed name? Twice? I have been gone a long time...

B said...

Pierre, of course :)

Mike, you have completely confused me :) I know the pub I was talking about is still there, I was saying I wasn't sure about the photos. And the pub/hotel thing has bitten me before :)

I had heard about the hotel Monument thing! I would love to stay there if it isn't too horribly expensive, but will definitely go up when it's open.

Mosher, yes. It's been the Stout Fiddler and is now Moot. I haven't been in since it changed hands. Did you used to drink there? I went there early 96-mid 97. And the Riverside has also changed names twice since then.... ah, change, isn't it weird?

Mosher said...

I drank there only a handful of times. I was at the Manors cinema the day it first opened (free films all day!) and used to use the parking there when it was 10p an hour and not all taken up with reserved spaces.

As for the Riverside, I was going when they still had that collection to try and strengthen the building to get rid of the internal columns. I gather it's just another trendy hole now. Used to be such a great "pit" of a venue for smaller bands. Saw the Manics, Pearl Jam, Lawnmower Deth, Paradise Lost, Hellbastard, Wolfsbane, Red Kross, Love/Hate... Almost a gig a week just because it was cheap enough to do so.

B said...

mosher, sounds like you saw some great bands there. I saw honeycrack (hmmm or do i mean nectarkick? now I'm confused!) there but I think that's all. no, i wouldn't bother going there now.....

the cinema is no longer there either, there is now a big northumbria building and no parking. do you want to see a photo? i took one the other day.

Mosher said...

Pic would be interesting. I can't remember if the cinema had been demolished last time I drove past - would have been around 2 years ago, maybe longer.