Wednesday, 11 June 2008


I've set up a flickr account over here.

I am thinking of doing the ten point intro to digital photography through the OU at some point. I like taking photos. Even if I'm naff at it.

One thing I did want to point out: I never noticed you could see the Civic Centre from the top end of Jesmond before. Look directly above the oncoming car, though, and you can.

I was quite surprised.


Mosher said...

If I'm right, Jesmond Metro's at the end of that street. Swing a right and you come across the filth-pit that calls itself the RGS.

Chuck a Molotov cocktail through the headmaster's window next time you're there on my behalf. Thanks a bunch.

SpiralSkies said...

I'm doing that course right now - it's ever so good though rather technical for my pea-sized brain.

I'm actually really liking how it makes you focus on the things you see and literally makes you look at your surroundings - even the humdrum - in new ways. I think that can only be good for the writing and observation department?

B said...

Hey mosher - sorry no, you are in the wrong place. The photo was taken looking down St George's Terrace towards Acorn Road. It's further up even than West Jesmond metro, almost halfway to Ilford Road.

Having said that - I work next to RGS (and the other two private schools just next to the metro!). What a coin-kidink, eh? I will pass on your best regards on Monday ;)

My God I just read this. Did you really have to sing that song??????/

Jen I am def going to sign up for that course. At some point. Not at the same time as starting A363, and not at the same time as finishing A363, so it might be a while yet :) Glad you're enjoying it though!

Mosher said...

Ah, all those streets round there look the same...

And I don't think I ever sang that song. Perhaps a slightly "adjusted" version of it that was slightly less suppotive of the school spirit.

B said...

tis true :)

glad to hear it. i was horrified. but i am easily shocked.