Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Please bear with me.

I've been living, dreaming, eating, sleeping and generally living my End of Course Assessment for my Creative Writing course. The utter, absolutely, written in stone, deadline is Friday; electronic submission is not an option. This means copies of my work saved to my PC, my laptop and my memory stick. As well as drafts posted to the OU forums, just in case. This means either posting by today, or taking to my regional centre by tomorrow at 3pm. I planned to post today, but found out yesterday that I somehow hadn't received a piece of information about what one piece of my work had to include. Making enough space to include anything at all on that topic... well, let's just call it interesting and leave it at that, eh? I have used every single word of the 5% leeway we are given.

I am so grateful to D for being such a star and not complaining about my lack of housework. Or cooking. Or... anything, really. (We're normally a 50:50 household.)

Tomorrow lunchtime, I will take my work to the regional centre at lunchtime.

Tomorrow evening, after work, I will go out for tea with my friends, and then go and watch Sex and the City. Finally.

Thursday, I will probably have a bath and sleep. A lot.

Friday, I'm going to see a band at Mr Lynch.

The weekend? I have no idea. I have more pieces of writing to get ready to submit to various places, but I might need to switch off from them for a while.

I am amazed, and a little scared, that I have got this far.

Now, it's down to me.

(Next blog: next week, to be safe. But I'll aim for the weekend.)


Caroline said...

You deserve lots of nice things after all your hard work.

Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

And d is, clearly, lovely.


SpiralSkies said...

Oh, that end-of-course rush is a killer. Well done you for getting past the finish line with such good humour.

Hurrah for the weekend and its impending jollification!

Lucy Diamond said...

I guess you must have handed it in by now...well done!! Hope you are demob-happy and all set for your treats!

pierre l said...

I hope you managed to get your work in on time, and that you enjoyed SATC and the band on Friday.
I assume you are OK because I have just seen one of your comments in another blog.

Jon said...

I have to say I cannot wait to be in your position.


B said...

Thank you all :) Like I said - I can't believe it's over. but - not for long.... I'll post about that soon :)

jon, that's just the one course though... there are more to go!