Tuesday, 10 June 2008


My ECA went off on Wednesday last week. I took it to the Regional Centre as planned.

It's a strange feeling. I went out for tea and to see Sex and the City the evening I'd taken it in and I felt weird. Exhausted and the wine went to my head; it left me with an awful headache. Thursday and Friday I did nothing. Mentally and physically exhausted.

On Friday I got confirmation on my OU homepage that my project was received in time.

At the weekend I got a bit more done. Mowed lawns, dyed my hair again, cleared some rubbish, did some washing.

Yesterday D was ill with a
stomach bug.

Today the bug hit me. Ow.

Yesterday, though, I also got carried away and registered for the advanced level course. Yeah, I know. I was going to give myself a year off. But I don't want to lose the momentum. And I have nearly four months off over the summer....

And I think I've decided that the degree I'm working towards is BA (Hons) Literature. That came as quite a surprise. Literature has never been my strong point. Hilarious, no?


Imperatrix said...

ECA. Hmm, as in Electric Contractors Assoc.? Or maybe Edinburgh College of Art? No? How about Enhanced Capital Allowances?

I just don't know.

But-- yay! on finishing all your work. And--wow! on taking the next class right away (I'm sure you'll do great!). And--ouch! on the stomach bug.

Take care of yourself, b.

B said...

I wrote it out in full in the post below. I'm lazy :)

It's an End of Course Assessment. Profound name, no?

Anyway, I have nearly four whole months off, so it's not like I'm starting again next week. It'd just be a shame to let my enthusiasm wear off.

Tummy is feeling a bit better. I just can't believe I've been ill, AGAIN. I am normally healthy but have had loads of weird bugs recently. I'm quite sick of it. Thanks imperatrix.

Caroline said...

Go you! I think it is best to continue with the OU courses, one after another.

Hope your stomach bug is better. P was off Monday/Tuesday with a stomach bug and B is today. :(


Imperatrix said...

Well, considering I didn't glance down, the laziness could reasonably be attributed to me!

Do you drink green tea? The Consort used to get sick rather often, until he began drinking a pot of green tea every day. I've started drinking it more often than I used to (I think the taste is unappealing), and this winter I only had one, minor (i.e., treatable without antibiotics), sinus infection.

SpiralSkies said...

Oh wow, brilliant that you've signed up - we can moan about it together!

Definitely better to keep up the momentum - I'm struggling with a 10-pt course at the mo, having taken a year off to write The Novel. We are so clever and interesting (and knacked out).

B said...

I was in work today, but wish I hadn't been. Bad day and my stomach still hurts :( I think you're right Cas, although I think I needed to finish the course thinking that I would have a break and be able to come to it after a few days. Otherwise I wouldn't be nearly so excited about the whole thing :) Oh, and that's weird about your stomach bugs - same order as us, B second! :)

imperatrix, that is really bizarre. Until recently I had one or two cups of white tea (this, not tea with milk) and then I stopped, for reasons unknown. I've had two single days off in work in the last month and have been more spotty (I don't normally get many but have had a few). I wonder if there's a connection? I hadn't put the two together before....

Jen I had no idea you are doing A363 too! I am really excited now! And I am so going to do that digital photography course... sometime :)

pierre l said...

Hello B. Well done for finishing that assignment on time. Enjoy your months off from the OU. Or, perhaps you'll spend that time doing the photography course instead.
Sorry about your exhaustion and feeling unwell - get better soon.

B said...

Thanks pierre! am feeling better now :)

Kate.Kingsley said...


I did A215 last year ~ and I'm registered for the advanced course this year so looks like we'll be course mates!


B said...

Hi Kate! Always nice to know people before the course starts. I wonder if we'll end up in the same tutor group - that would be weird!