Friday, 18 July 2008


Lane asked for sight of people's bookshelves a couple of days ago.

I had to get my novel racers pics off the camera and onto facebook first, but I've done that now. So here you go.

First pic: probably most of these are mine, although a handful are the hubby's, notably his Chuck Palahniuk collection. I'm not allowed to read them in case I break the spines. We have differing views on whether this is a mortal sin or not.

A noteable number of my TBR books are also in this pic. Feel free to guess :) Cas, Clare and Lucy's books are also there. They are definitely read and highly recommended!

This is a bookshelf that I had when I was a teenager. Most of the top shelf is D's. You can see my beloved Val McDermid collection and D's Terry Pratchett shelf. Also the complete Morse collection I got for something ridiculous like a tenner.

Some of my favourite books are in these pictures.

In this pic I have cunningly slid the double-layered books so you can see what is behind. There are now two copies of In Search of Adam visible. One less than I actually own!

There are also three of my wishlist books visible. Thanks again pierre.

Oh, and the Farscape DVDs on the next shelf? Not mine.

If anyone else wants to show us yer drawers, errm, shelves... go for it!


Caroline said...

I love bookshelf watching and your shelves are rather lovely.

And I am very happy that I can see In Search of Adam (more than once!).


Roz Wyllie said...

Hey B

Lush bookshelves...

I've sent you an email about the launch and all the details (which may have gone into your junk)

Be great to see you therexxxx

Roz(s) x

B said...

Hi Cas. Soon I will have the third copy back. That will make me happy :)

Ooooh! Oooh! I've just spotted that you can see my printout of Disraeli Avenue! Bottom right near the A-Z of Newcastle, next to The Cool EP from BlueChrome! That makes me happy :)

Thanks Roz(s)! I now have my copy of your book. I am LOVING it so far. I expected to enjoy it but not this much.

I got your email, thanks :) Will reply later, need to get ready now as going out soon. REALLY looking forward to it!