Tuesday, 8 July 2008


I have been walking as if through treacle today. Sleep-deprived and sad and missing my family (I spent the weekend with them as my youngest sis graduated yesterday. I am normally happy to see them but also happy to come home. This time, though, I wish I could have stayed).

I dozed quite heavily on the bus home. As it stopped at the stop before mine, I jerked awake, realising that I needed to stay conscious to get off at the next stop. Just as I realised that I heard sirens and the cars opposite stopped, letting two fire engines screech past, sirens-blaring-lights-flashing. Towards my estate. 'I hope my house isn't on fire,' I thought, as I always do when that happens.

But as the bus pulled forward I saw them arrive at the fire. I saw the smoke a second before the flames. A car was on fire, flames high, dark grey smoke filling the road. 'Jeeee-sus,' I said before I even realised I was speaking out loud. I stood up as the bus stopped - the fire was blocking the road, stopping it from getting any closer.

I had my camera in my hand before I'd even left the bus, but even so it was too late - the flames were already out. I've never seen the fire brigade actually in action before, never seen them actually put out a genuine fire, so I was in awe at the speed and efficiency they worked with.

There is a road behind all that smoke. Honestly.

No idea what happened. There didn't seem to be anyone in the car, although they might have run before it took hold.

I was expecting there to be a smell. Of smoke and petrol. But not a thing. Of course, all the smoke was blown the other way. I feel sorry for anyone living in that direction who had washing in their garden.

D just arrived home. No more than half an hour later, there is no sign anything ever happened.

So that was the excitement for the day.


pierre l said...

Hello B. It's very nice to read you again. I am very pleased that it wasn't your house or your car on fire. It is a good picture. Look after yourself.

Caroline said...

Never a dull moment. So glad you had a lovely weekend.

Cas x

Cassie said...


Jorgelina said...

I can relate to your wish of staying home. It's worse now for me that I'm far away from home.

B said...

hey pierre... believe me, me too :)

am still quiet and antisocial, but the words are coming back. slowly.

hey cas *waves*

and hi carrie! it was all very exciting there for a mo :)

jorgelina, thanks for dropping in! I LOVE your photos. where are you from originally?

peaceableimperatrix said...

The strangest things happen to you when you take the bus, b!

B said...

it's true :)

Jorgelina said...

Hi! I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but at the moment I'm in North Shields, UK with my fiance; he's from over here.

I always drop by your blog, love reading you! :)

SpiralSkies said...

I'm sure they design those emergency service sirens to make our hearts lurch into our mouths. let's hope the weekend brings excitement of a non-scary nature :)

B said...

Thanks jorgelina!

jen, not long now! me very excited :)