Thursday, 17 July 2008

M=Morissons, Metro, Misunderstandings?

The summer before I came to uni here, my parents wanted to see where I was going to be. We stayed in a caravan park in Whitley Bay for a couple of nights so we could spend some time getting to know the place before I arrived.

It was sunny, bright and sunny, but freezing and windy. Really really cold for July.

It was 1994. The roadworks for the Cradlewell Bypass were just barely beginning. The road into Newcastle from the Coast was a single carriageway, going down and up a steep slope through Jesmond Dene.

And I kept seeing yellow signs with the letter 'M' on in black everywhere. There are a lot of Morrisons stores round here, I thought.

I didn't get close enough to see the word 'Metro' picked out in white letters on black.

I felt a bit silly when I realised that it wasn't that Morrisons was the only supermarket in the north east. The signs were showing metro stations.

(any silly misconceptions you want to share?)

(also: more photos now available on the flickr photostream)


Mike said...

Hee hee... that was funny :-)

A friend of mine from Yorkshire when he first came up here thought the Blue Corner on Heaton Park Road was a restaurant...he thought they were not going to get much business with the shutters on the windows being down all the time...

He later discovered that it's a Gay Sauna...

Nothing but sausage on the menu!


B said...

Glad to amuse :)

Also, eh?! I know Heaton Park Road and I have no idea what you are talking about....!

Lane said...

Ha! But that really does look like the Morrisons 'M'.

You have a metro there? And it's called a 'metro'. How cool!

Mike said...

Second image from bottom...

My mate thought it was a restaurant the first time he came up here.

I wouldn't go ordering sausage off the menu....



Kate.Kingsley said...

When I first lived in Sheffield I would see a lot of buses with "Intake - city centre" on the front.

I surmised that this meant that for speediness you could get on this bus to the city centre (i.e. 'intake' only) but you couldn't get off. This is not at all logical, becaase while the bus is stopped to let people on it takes no extra time for people to get off, but whatever.

It was YEARS before it was brought to my attention that there is an area of Sheffield called "Intake", from whence said bus originated......

B said...

Mike, err, thanks. I think :) I do remember seeing that place now but had never realised what it was.

Lane: I KNOW! They really do look similar. The metro really is good, too - although it doesn't go anywhere near where I live. Which makes is a bit naffer.

Kate, that is hilarious. I would have thought exactly the same thing. What a ridiculous name for a place, Intake!

watching9987 said...

I'm a bit late, sorry. But still:

When my ex first moved here she came back f her first day at work, terrified. In a proper state.

'They went out for a tab. At lunchtime.'

I nodded. And?

'They're doing drugs, in a children's centre, at lunchtime.'

I frowned, of course - then it dawned on me. Tab = Cigarette up here, down south it's only meaning is Acid. She thought they were nipping out for an LSD brake.

B said...

Nik, ha! That cracked me up. I had the same misconception when I first moved here... although I did suspect immediately that I was missing something :)

Did you laugh? Or just have a quiet giggle to yourself later?