Thursday, 31 July 2008

more misconceptions

Further to this post, I remembered something else today that made me chuckle.

I used to know a guy. He'd lived here forever, or thereabouts. He lived in Shieldfield for quite a while. Yet whenever he got drunk, he'd get into a taxi and ask it to take him to Sheffield.

Not quite the same place.

When the taxi drivers queried it, he was always adamant that he wanted to go to Sheffield, not Shieldfield.

I was always surprised when he turned up. I'm amazed he never got stranded in Yorkshire.


(I've been in Paris for a few days. It was very hot. Had a great time.)


Lane said...

You've been in Paris?? Ooh la la! Hope you had a great time!:-)

B said...

I have been in Paris indeed - it was fabulous :) We were then back a short while and then went for a few days in Cumbria, which was also fab. Should be posting more now I'm back :)