Monday, 14 July 2008

more writing

I didn't want to join one hundred words a day because a hundred words sounds so small.

But I wasn't writing at all. And one hundred words is better than no words. So I joined. And tonight I wrote 206 words. And tomorrow I will write some more. It's the habit that's the thing. It's a genius idea. Genius!
Geordieness will return soon. But maybe not tomorrow as I am going out for a meal as a friend of mine is graduating.

(That's a post every day for a week. I am stunned. Stunned I tells ya!)


Lane said...

You've written more than double my output today. Well done!

Enjoy your meal:-)

pierre l said...

Hurray for B, both on the number of words and the number of posts. I am always pleased to read your posts whether they are bot Geordieness or not.
Have a nice meal tomorrow.

Caroline said...

Enjoy your meal honey x

SpiralSkies said...

You've written a zillion times more than me today.

I love reading your blog in your voice now that I've met you.

Now stop being stunned and write write write!!

B said...

Lane, I am proud that I am doing this again, even if it's lil :)

Meal was fab. I am commenting while slightly tiddly. Yes, again!

Thanks pierre :)

and thanks Cas! :)

Jen I think for that to be true you would have to have written 0.00000000125 words. I am skeptical that you really managed that! I am loving knowing the voices to hear blogs in too. It's fun!

I have stopped being stunned now. I have written blog post but not sober enough to actually type it up (only written it in my head so far...!) But I have done my hundred words so yay me!

will catch you on fb chat again soon! :)