Sunday, 20 July 2008

Near misses

I had a near miss with a club tonight.

I haven't been clubbing in more than 3.5 years.

This isn't bad in itself. But... I wanna!
*stamps foot*

Tonight, I was at a barbecue with some friends. One of them was going out to the Carling Academy for Bulletproof*, which was the best night when I was a student. Back in the 1990s. I realised I hadn't been clubbing in forever, hadn't been to Bulletproof since 1997, and was overcome with an urge to go.

I was driving, but I was happy enough to stay sober and just dance the night away. So I nipped back home to change my shoes and top and to give D the wine I'd bought for him on my way out, telling him I'd be back by 1.30am. Then back into Newcastle, to the Head of Steam where my friend was meeting the rest of the crowd.

Where we stayed.

And stayed.


Until 12.50am.

By which time, it didn't really seem worth paying the fiver to get in for ten, twenty minutes of dancing.


So now I'm home with a glass of wine and feet that are still itching for a dancefloor.

And next week her sisters are around and she doesn't know whether she'll be going out.

Oh well... maybe the week after.....

(or, does anyone in newcastle fancy bulletproof next weekend?!)

*incidentally, if you click through you can click through an archive of seemingly all the flyers that Bulletproof has ever done. It was such a nostalgia trip to see the flyers that used to coat my bedroom wall when I was at uni. I miss being 19.


SpiralSkies said...

Am smiling here at the thought of your dancy-itchy feet. I used to go out partying all the time until I moved to Blight five years ago.

Am worried now that I've forgotten how to do it.

You must go. You must. You must have The Fun for both of us. OK?

SpiralSkies said...

Dance-itchy. Blighty. Pfffff.

B said...

Dancy-itchy, dance-itchy, it's all the same :)

Can we go out clubbing after the next meet? Can we can we?????! It'll give us tons to write about, I'm sure :)

Calistro said...

Oh my god, Bulletproof was my all time favourite EVER club night. Can't believe it's still running! Gawd you just brought back a LOT of memories just by mentioning that one word.

Lane said...

Gawd I can't remember the last time I was in a club! If ever - my memory's fading!

Hope you get to do your thang soon!:-)

B said...

Cally, did you click through and look at all the old flyers? SUCH a nostalgia trip! I was quite surprised when I moved back that it was still going :)

Lane, nice to know it's not just me :)