Friday, 11 July 2008


These signs are in Heaton. One's on Warwick Street, one on Heaton Road.

I don't know whether the others are still there. I used to know of five around Newcastle. All saying different things. We used to look out for them, speculate as to their meaning. I've tried googling before, now google exists, but with no success. We tried rearranging the letters, to see if they were some kind of anagram. Putting the different signs together. No joy.

Last Friday I was walking through Heaton for my haircut (Leaf, highly recommended eco hair salon for both men and women) and saw them again. I snapped these photos, meaning to post and see if anyone could shed any light on them.

But I googled first. And google is my friend. I have finally found this.

It's an art project. And a great one that's been making me think, on and off, for the last 13 years. Quite impressive.

It's made me want to go and get photos of the ones that are left, while I still can.

(just in case it is unclear: the first says 'the crabs for the curves'; the second 'onwards and to drive out with')

(also, four posts in four days? i have no idea what's going on. blogger's scheduled post feature, though, is very helpful!)


Calistro said...

Ooooh! I used to live in Heaton! Many, many years ago (about 13). No arty signs back then but the best chips and curry sauce in Newcastle!

B said...

13 years ago I was living in heaton! 1995-97. Whereabouts were you? I will have to see later if we were neighbours!!

Kate.Kingsley said...

I must be blind! Hubby lived just off Warwick Street when we first met, and then in various locations around Heaton rd in the years before he moved in with me, not to mention the fact that about 90% of our frinds also lived/still live in Heaton, yet I have NEVER seen any of those signs before. I am such a numpty!

Then again I only made the acquaintance of the shoe tree a couple of years ago!

Hey Cal, didn't know you're an ex-Heatonite too!! Small world!

B said...

Kate, to be fair, I think one of my friends pointed one out to me before I noticed any of the rest :)

And I still haven't seen the shoe tree! Since I read the Taxi Driver's Daughter by Julia Darling I have really wanted to though. Really have to go exploring sometime soon!

Steve said...

I've never seen anything like that before. It's amazing how much u miss by not looking upwards