Saturday, 12 July 2008


I got the metro to the station. There was a punk on the metro with a pink mohican* and a full beard and moustache combo. And black-rimmed glasses. It was an arresting combination.

I was getting really annoyed about a train arriving onto my platform that wasn't due to leave until half an hour after my train. Then I realised I was on platform 3, not platform 4. When I went through to the correct platform, there was my train, ready and waiting and with 15 minutes to spare.

My seat was next to the window. There was a girl sitting in the aisle seat. She had put a fuscia pink shopping bag on my seat. I asked to get to my seat, and was then too embarrassed to ask her to stand up again, so I managed to slot my rucksack onto the shelf overhead and arrange myself, my laptop bag and my handbag without knocking into her. Well, much.

I didn't think to take a picture of the bridges over the Tyne until too late. Tomorrow when I come back it'll be dark and I doubt they'll come out, but I'll try.

The Penshaw momument, sitting on its hilltop. I should go there sometime soon. It's like my last anchor with home when I'm travelling; you can see it from the end of my road.

Noone visiting Durham for the first time should approach other than by train from the South. The terraced streets, the cathedral and castle dominating the city. So you can really understand the fact that although it's a city, because it has a cathedral, it's tiny.

Then I discovered that the wifi on national express east coast mainline trains really is free and started emailing and reading the blogs instead of taking notice of what is going on around me.

(I'm writing this on the train to London on Friday. I'm on my way to the novel racers meet and I'm tired and headachey (knew that drinking two pints at the quiz last night was a bad idea) but excited. I can't wait to meet up with everyone tomorrow. But I already have a post scheduled for Friday night, so this will publish on Saturday. Exciting! Isn't technology great? Won't be long before I've posted every day for a week. I guess the words have come back. Novel racers - inspirational even before you join/arrive at the meets! Oh, and who knows, maybe I'll post again on the way home tomorrow night...)

* incidentally, I've never known until just now that mohican and mohawk are just British and American words for the same hairstyle. Weird, huh?


Lane said...

Hi B! Really, really nice to meet you! Hope you have/had a good journey home.
Good day eh?! x

B said...

It really was. I'm so happy you all welcomed waiting list people :) Journey home went remarkably smoothly considering too which is good, thanks!