Wednesday, 27 August 2008

For the writers out there

Have a read of this. Even if it's not helpful now, I bet it will be at some point in the future.


Deborah Rey said...

'Sepia for old age: I am looking forward to the writerly sepia of old age' ... is the stage I'm at :^)
Nice article. Well-written, too; definitely going towards sepia.

Calistro said...

Very pertinant to my current mental state (which is "I'm too scared to start writing my book in case it's not as good as it is in my head") and particularly loved this line:

"You have no confidence? No one who is any good has any confidence. So tell me, what makes your particular lack of confidence so special?""

I might have to print that out and stick it near my laptop!

Cassandra said...

Thanks for posting that. I've shared it with my writer buddies :)

watching9987 said...

"It is not as good or terrible as you might think: it is just as good as it is."

Can't really argue with that can you?

Well found b - Was Muchos Mint, how.

B said...

That one really seems to have touched a chord! I thought people might like it :)

Deborah, you can only claim to be sepia if you mean it in a good way! I am so totally in awe, still.

Yes Cally, that one actually made me laugh. So very true!

Hope they liked it Cassie!

Nik I think I might have to start making you say 'mint' in every comment you leave. That will be the new gold standard - the mint standard, if you will. A homophone, too! It cracks me up actually, my first ever boyfriend said everything was mint and it just makes me laugh, remembering how I dragged that into every English lesson about dialect :o)