Wednesday, 13 August 2008

My One Book is out!

Click here to read. Then go find the book, somewhere. It's great.


I'm tired and headachey and rather annoyed. I just spent 23 minutes on the phone to O2, trying to move from pay as you go to contract. I knew the phone I wanted and the deal; I just wanted to do it. Turns out the phone's only listed as pay as you go; it is available for contract but it's out of stock so the woman on the phone couldn't see it. I could go into the shop but would only get 125 texts instead of 250. In the end she checked the website's stock and told me it was in stock there so I would be able to either call that store in the morning or order it now. Well I've just been on the website and it's only listed as in stock as pay as you go there, too, and not as a free phone either - just as one you need to pay £49 for on pay bloody monthly. One of the reasons I wanted this sodding phone was because it's free on pay monthly!

For two pins right now I'd move to Orange. Except I don't want to move to Orange, I want to stay with O2.

Bloody mobiles.


watching9987 said...

Thanks B, I love short stories but often find it difficult to get really good collections, and yes, I suspect my book shelves probably are dominated by white authors. I must find this book. Must must. Must.

Roz Wyllie said...

So - while this is a quick moan website for the day I would just like to offer up my experience of waiting hours and hours (20 mins) in the optician for the joy of having air pumped into my eyeballs and some fella making me read all kinds of blurry letters off a wall...then as I searched for the cheapest glasses in the shop a lovely blonde shop assistant lady said 'oooh these would suit your colouring' offering up some auburn (okay redheaded) Chanel frames...I should have said 'I don't have any money.' I should have said 'Thanks but I think paying an extra hundred pounds just for some fancy french brand is a little sick.' I didn't.
I bought the Chanel frames.
I'll need to sell 300 copies of the novel just to cover my morning expenditure!
Ho hum. see you Tuesday. And you Nik!

ChrisH said...

O2 nearly drove me round the band recently.

Popped in to say thanks for your comments about OU A215... I've signed up but you've set the bar very high!!

B said...

Glad to help Nik!

Roz, they sound fab though. Will you have them by Tuesday?

I finally have my new phone. It is lovely :)

Chris H, hope you enjoy A215! I reckon you will do just as well... Good luck.