Tuesday, 5 August 2008

So after getting back from our jaunt to Paris, we were only here a short while before nipping over to Cumbria for a few days. It was hot, apart from the torrential rain at night.

Back now, but still on leave for a while yet. It's great. Tea with friends tomorrow, a night in with friends and a hen night over the weekend, and two trips to the cinema to go before we're back at work (Dark Knight and X Files - I'm more looking forward to the X Files but that may change after D makes me watch Batman Begins).

Oh and I got my mark back for the open university creative writing course.

I got a distinction, ie a Level 1 pass.

I do not understand how. A few days before we went to Paris I opened up my ECA (ie the component that is 50% of my final mark) to start writing the next bit. When I reread, I was horrified that I'd submitted it - it was awful, to fresh eyes. I wasn't convinced it hadn't dragged my grade down to a Level 3 pass.

Since I found that out, I am writing again. And not just forcing out my hundred words. Writing, and thinking like a writer again. Letting the ideas raise to the surface. I have ideas galore, once more.

Funny how a little external verification of internal skill can make all the difference.

I have targets for what I want to do before I go back to work. I have targets for what I want to do before the next course starts.

I am good at this. I have the spark of inspiration, and I've been working on improving the technical side. It obviously showed, or I wouldn't have done so well.

I have to follow up with actually making submissions. And persevering when the going gets difficult.

(I've tagged this as 'lucky'. Not that I am lucky in my score. Just that I am lucky to be able to live this life. To be able to write, and have people who support me. To have friends and family who believe in me. And now, back to the writing, while D watches Dexter.)


Cassie said...

Welcome home!

Congrats on your mark! Well done!

I heard x-files was rubbish tho, from more than three reliable sources.

Anonymous said...

Paris, Cumbria, rain et al and good news and the end of it.

Not Luck just sheer hard work and stickability.

mrs K

Lane said...

Oh well done! That's absolutely fantastic! Validation can give such a huge boost. Go B!

Have fun in Cumbria. Hope the weather's good!

B said...

Hi Cassie, thanks :) I hope X Files isn't rubbish. I'll cry.

Thanks Mrs K. It's miserable weather but I'm still glad to be home!

Cumbria was great Lane. Went to an optical illusions museum in Keswick - if you're ever passing it's highly recommended!

Calistro said...

Congrats on the grade. Brilliant news :o)

Pat Posner said...

I saw you on Lane's and came to say 'Hi'.

Congratulations on such a great mark!

pierre l said...

Indeed, congratulations on the great mark. Please let us know when you have something published, so we can buy or read it. Good luck with the writing, the subs, and the next OU course.

B said...

Thanks Cally. I'm so impressed :)

Hi Pat and welcome - thanks for dropping in!

Pierre, thanks. I will keep you up to date :)

B said...

Oh and Cassie - I really enjoyed X Files, although there were some plot points that annoyed me :)

Lucy Diamond said...

A distinction, that's fantastic!! Well done, b!

Lucy Diamond said...
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Lucy Diamond said...
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Lucy Diamond said...

Oops sorry, bit hasty on the old Publish button there!

B said...

Hee thanks Lucy, you're just making me look more popular - not to worry!

Annie Bright said...
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Annie Bright said...

Hi b
Just found my way here via Novel Racers blog. I've just completed the A215 too! Congrats on your result it's brilliant! I'm starting the level 3 course from October ... hope we can compare experiences. :-) Annie.

Megan said...

I know that we're not supposed to need that outside validation, but sometimes it definitely helps!
Well, well done,

B said...

Thanks Annie - look forward to seeing you round on the FirstClass forums :)

And thanks Megan - it really does :)