Saturday, 27 September 2008

back soon

In the meantime - have some cake (I made it for Macmillan cancer care's big coffee morning) and chat amongst yourselves in the comments. Won't be long!


Anonymous said...

Ah - where is my Fairy Cake?

I loved seeing the home made cakes in their little crinkly papers and hundred and thouands, both chocolate and multi coloured.

And two sorts of slab cake.

Brought back birthday memories of days long gone.

mrs K

Mike said...

ooh I looove cakes, I'm drooling at the moment... Tea & cake - never lets you down!


trousers said...

...and fab to meet you too! How nice a day was today?

Ms Melancholy said...

Lovely to meet you yesterday, B. Only disappointed that you didn't bring your home made cakes.....maybe next time?

Best wishes,

Ms M.

PS - you are added to our blogroll!

B said...

if there is ever a watchinggeordielife or ncl daily photo meet, i will bring real cakes instead of pictures :)

glad you liked the pics mrs k and mike!

trousers and mrs m, i am so so so glad i went. it was lovely to meet you and all the lovelier for being unexpected, i wasn't really aware of who else was attending!

and just so it's clear, i did bring cake. we just missed it :( i will know to bring more next time... although as it is i was carrying 5 things on the train down (rucksack; laptop; handbag; cakes; and flowers) so i'm not sure i could have managed much more :)

pierre l said...

I am sorry that the book signing was so far away because I would have loved to meet you. Still, there were some very nice bloggers at the book launch, and I had a lovely chat with Sarah Salway as well as Caroline and Clare, and several Novel Racers.
I hope you had a good time at the book signing, and will tell us all about it in due course.

B said...

hi pierre! glad you enjoyed the launch - i so, so wanted to make it but it would have cost £70 and meant 7 hours of travelling just to be there for about an hour. And work would have been incredibly unlikely to authorise even half a day off last week. oh well - there will be a next time!

the signing was fab. i had such a great time!

will post the review soon, too.