Monday, 29 September 2008

A book signing

On Saturday I got up really, really early.

6am early.

6am doesn't exist on a Saturday, for me.

But I needed to catch a train at 7.30am. Meet up with another observant blogger at Durham (well, that was the plan anyway, although two southbound trains within five minutes from Durham station caused a small amount of confusion that ended with us meeting on Platform 4 at York). Change trains at York and meet my parents off the train for them to take us to Borders at Cheshire Oaks. And meet up with the very lovely Ms Smailes.

Yes, I went to Caroline' signing at Cheshire Oaks. I took cakes and erasers. One of them was even a lighthouse eraser. Me? Try and bribe people to make them *heart* me the most?

(It didn't work anyway. I think a certain t shirt may have stolen her heart....)

And for a certain other blogger, I post this photo and hope it makes you smile and that the roses were as lovely as you hoped:

I didn't talk to Caroline as much as I'd planned to as I didn't want to monopolise her conversation too much. But I did play with her children, and they are very lovely. And I did meet some very very very (one each!) lovely blog people. And I hope to meet them all again soon.

That night, I read my copy of Black Boxes until midnight when I reluctantly put it down, exhausted from the early start. As soon as I got on the train the next day, I started reading again. I ended up changing trains at York, sitting on Platform 5, finishing the book and crying openly. It's that good, and I'll post a review in a few days.

I came back full of enthusiasm for writing and full of gratitude for all my new friends.


trousers said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to monopolise her conversation too much - I'm sure she was all talked out by the end of the day. There were, as you say, so many genuinely nice and friendly people to speak to anyway - your good self included of course.

Caroline said...

I think I managed to talk to everyone, but no one enough. But it was a perfect day. Thanks so much for travelling down and for my fab pressies and cake :) x

Janette Jones said...

B it was a pleasure to meet you too. Beautiful cake by the weay and anytime you are in or around Nottingham, feel free to drop in and I will provide the cake. PS erasers, roses, lesbian t-shirt and sheep poo bookmarks - how lucky is C?!

SpiralSkies said...

I'm so envious - I was really hoping to get to the signing in London but it just wasn't to be.

Can't wait to read the book. Crying openly in public? Perhaps a complimentary packet of hankies should be provided with each copy?

B said...

aw, thanks trousers! it was really great to talk to you. i will also be posting that pledge soon. and you have to harass me if i don't do it!

cas you are welcome, i had a fabulous day!

janette, i wish i'd got a photo of cas surrounded by all her pressies from everyone! i have an aunt who lives somewhere near nottingham, if i ever get round to visiting i'll call in on you too - and let me know if you're ever in the north east :)

spiral, that would have helped! i thought about trying to stifle the tears, but i didn't want to. i posted on fb that i was crying, and got a text from my beloved hubby five minutes later to ask if i was still crying. he is mean.