Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Crazy September

On Friday it was wet.

Everyone I spoke to seemed miserable. Bemoaning the grey damp cold. The end of summer. The inevitable decline of the weather.

After work, I went out for tea.

I had a nice, albeit incredibly garlicky, meal with some old work colleagues. We went to El Torrerro on the Side.

The Side is a very slopy street. It was pouring with rain when we left. Streams were flowing down towards the river.

We laughed and splashed and sang our way back to the car park.

This was the view from my car window as I waited at the top of Dean Street to go home.

Saturday was even wetter. Rivers burst. Morpeth flooded. I wondered if our car was going to wash away.

It didn't.

This was taken this morning. Sunlight through the trees.

It was a beautiful autumnal morning.

I've been hearing rumours of an Indian summer.

I didn't believe them, not at first.

But maybe, after the sunshine this morning. Maybe I can.

And I can always hope.


B said...

also, i'm a bit shy about it, but i'm posting at the daily photo site under my really real first name now. it feels weird, but good.

trousers said...

Gorgeous photos, and damn the weather on Fri/Sat!

It's been a lovely autumnal day round our way today.

willow said...

Stunning photo! I'm here via the mysterious black box.

watching9987 said...

More mint photos. I'd get myself a camera, but would be eternally disappointed that my photos didn't come close to yours.

Ah well, I'll just have to leave it and swan about under the blazing Autumn sun getting tan lines around my beard...

Papercuts said...

Daniel Craig brought me here (I wish)! Okay, it was the widget.

Roz Wyllie said...

Hey B
You may have noticed but I'm terrible at the whole reading everyones blogs everyday thing - but am DELIGHTED you are now taking photos of sunny newcastle for the papers...well done!
Hope all is good with you and maybe see you soon :)
Roz x

Trixie said...

FAB photos! I'm sooo wishing for that indian summer. Esp since I've get rellys from Oz staying with me, to show them it DOES get sunny and warm here!

Lane said...

The first photo looks like a painting. Lovely!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Hiay, thanks for visiting my blog :) nice to get a visitor from back home, and congratulations for the Newcastle upon Tyne Daily Photo.

Look forward to seeing more pics.

B said...

Thanks trousers! Glad you've had a nice day. Hope today was good too.

Hi Willow! Always glad to hear the widget is bringing people in :)

Aw, Nik, you are sweet. I've not been good at photos til recently. I think my camera gets what I want to do, for the first time ever :)

hi Papercuts! I only picked Daniel Craig because I'm not overfond of Sean Connery. I know - shoot me now!

Roz, you make me giggle! Thanks hon.

Thanks Trixie, glad you like!

Lane, thanks. You are lovely. I really like it. My mobile takes great photos!

Thanks JA and thanks! Glad you like them :)