Sunday, 14 September 2008

Day two

Today I went to St Mary's Lighthouse first. I took a load of photos for Caroline, and then asked for some information about the lighthouse past and present. They brought the manager down, a lovely guy called Adam, and I explained why I was asking for the information and about Caroline's books.

Turns out his partner has read Disraeli Avenue.

I realise it's unlikely, but if you're reading, say hi?

I've put photos on facebook for Caroline, but they will also be going onto flickr soon. Close to two hundred taken today. I've taken more photos in the last two days than I took in four days in Paris.

After that, I went back into Newcastle. Didn't end up doing Dance City; the timings didn't work out, unfortunately, and I've seen it before so I'm sure I can wait until next year. I went to Central Square and Central Square South, though; took photos of Vulcan and Reaching for the Stars outside. (I would never have found Reaching for the Stars without Mike and Cassandra, but I even told some people about it today.) If you ever get the chance to go into either of the buildings, do; Central Square has some amazing sculptures and some pictures of the construction of Vulcan, and Central Square South has some stairs that look like they are hovering in mid air. And a clock showing the time in New York. (I somehow don't think they mean this New York.) I just wish I could have taken photos inside of the buildings.

I really need to find some more of this street art.

After that, I dashed to Haymarket just in time to pick up the last tour of the Civic Centre this weekend. It was amazing. A building that is so ugly from some angles and so beautiful from others, as I said here.

I didn't end up going over to see my mother in law. We went to Asda and his grandma's instead. Was a nice day, but I can't believe it's work again tomorrow.

I can't believe how lucky I am to live in a place with so many wonderful things all around. I can't believe I have to wait a full year to see everything else.....

Thanks again for the heads up, Mike.


Caroline said...

And he was called Adam!!!



watching9987 said...

Kidnapping me next year would be bad for your health, you have to carry me i think. I'm knackered just reading about all that...

Mike said...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend B!
The tours and the talks are facinating!

There was one tour which was in the booklet last year (which I always missed out on) - a series of secret tunnels underneath the city centre!. These were for carry coal through the city! One of the entrances to is still in the ouseburn area!

Apparently, it's been closed off for now, but due to re-open soon! (book up early next year!) Check these links out, you'll be amazed!">

Also, here are some photos of Central Square on the web!

I love the water feature and trees in the middle of the cafe area!



B said...

I can't believe I didn't really notice-notice that Cas. I am dim, sometimes :)

Nik, I'll put you on rollerskates and a lead. It'll be hilarious.

Mike, one of my friends has been in those tunnels. I'm so glad they're reopening. That will def be something I'm doing next year. Do you know if they link up with the catacombs under Jesmond Cemetery?

Mike said...

Hi B,

The victoria tunnels are seperate from the catacombs. Check out the photos on the info site. Won't catch me down the catacombs though, I'm a right wimp!

B said...

Well I will have to do both next time. I thought they might be separate, but would have been great if they'd all linked up!