Thursday, 4 September 2008

Exciting News!

There is Exciting News afoot!

But I am mean and not going to announce it yet. I'm going to go to the pub with some friends instead. I'm not sure when it's really official so will announce it as soon as I know.

Feel free to speculate in the comments if you'd like though!

(And no Cas, it's not that!)


B said...

To the person who knows - don't tell anyone that you know! You'll give it away too quickly :)

Lane said...

Agent/Book deal?
New whizzy job or promotion?
Great big windfall?
House move?
New cat?
New writing group?

Cripes, you make us work hard!

Do tell!:-)

Caroline said...

It's not fair that someone knows and that isn't me :(


Paige said...

I think Lane covered most of the things I was going to suggest!

Calistro said...


Um...engagement (no, you're already married aren't you?), agent, book deal, you've won some kind of competition, pregnant, adopting, moving house, bought a house, bought an island (can I come?), going travelling, won the lottery, new job, giving up your job to

Cassandra said...

Oh, now see, I have no idea either, guys! This must really be special! I can't wait to find out!

watching9987 said...

Discovered a planet?
Been to the planet?
Drank wine with the King othe planet?
Drank wine with the King of Sweden?
Drank wine with the King of the Animals?
Eaten by the King of the Animals?
Become queen of the Animals?
Am I close?

B said...

noone is close, so far. apart from nik, but funnily enough lager tonight. but that is not actually relevant to the news.

but i am still queen of the animals.

it's not as exciting as many of the guesses.

actually, cally came close with something else that is going on at the mo, but that's different news that i was saving til monday :)

pierre l said...

Something I read in another place suggests your camera is going to be busy.

B said...

pierre may be onto something.....!

Nik's Blog said...

Just dropping in to say hullo, B. Nice blog you keep here.


SpiralSkies said...

You great big meanie!

We, the blogging nation, demand to know. Y'know, like soonish?

Should we be raising a glass to you? I might force down a tipple, just in case...

loria said...

oh bother. i can't even guess!

but if it were up to me it would be you were coming to visit the US and we could hang out! :D

(although winning the lottery sounds awfully nice as well)

B said...

Hi Nik and thanks for dropping in :) always nice to say hi to new people!

Jenn you can always have a drink for me! I don't have wine here so as long as someone is drinking it on a friday night....

loria i have just discovered that another internet friend of mine is from michigan and her fave irish pub is in ann arbor. yay! is a small world. so now i can come and visit you both!

loria said...

there is a good irish pub in ann arbor?! I just was in A2 this weekend for a good meal! it would be fantastic to meet up with both you and her, now wouldn't it ;)


Leigh said...

Being published in a comp review - with an embargo on the result until an official announcement? Or something else that requires you to wait until someone else releases the news formally before you can let on.

Kind of hope it's a baby, though!
I'm soft like that.

B said...

loria - someday that will happen :)

leigh, i wish it was the first, but no. got a rejection letter from mslexia yesterday. meanies. oh well, will just revise and resubmit elsewhere....

no babies. if i announce that at any point i won't tease you like this. although it does get a lot of comments....


Leigh said...

Great shot!
So, is there anything you can't do?


Well done, luv.

B said...

Aw thanks Leigh!

I can bake, too. But I can't play guitar :) Or keep a house tidy for long!

Cassandra said...

Loria, It's the only place I can get a decent Grasshopper/Dirty Girl Scout

PS I'm from Lake Orion!