Friday, 12 September 2008

I can't believe...

That I didn't know about this before now. Mike kindly linked me on the daily photo site, but I didn't really read it properly until this evening.

Now I have a huge huge list of things that I'd like to visit and see and do over the next two days. Literally seventeen places that I'd like to get to over two days. It's probably as well that I didn't look earlier, as if I had had time to actually book some of these things in advance... it probably would have been thirty or forty things. The insides of the Tyne Bridge? The Baltic? The Swing Bridge motor room? Jesmond Old Cemetery - including the catacombs under Newcastle? I can't believe I'm missing all these things!

And I've only looked at Gateshead, Newcastle and North Tyneside; if I'd let myself look at South Tyneside or Gateshead... well who knows where that would have ended.

Some of them I've seen before (Dance City; the
Baltic) and some I could see anytime, although I'd maybe have to pay. But the lure of seeing these places for free... and the lure of getting into areas I'd not normally be able to get into... it's delicious.

I know it's rather late, but I'm going to list the things I want to do below. If you'd particularly recommend one, or if you think one will turn out to be rather dull... well let me know sooner rather than later. Because apparently I'll be out rather early in the morning.
I am going to be knackered, come Monday.


Caroline said...

I can wait - but when you do, please take photos for me. I am having visualising problems.

Have a good weekend honey x

Mike said...

Take it easy B!!! You'll wear yourself out! There will be plenty of time next year as well!

I only go to 2/3 per year!

The TWHOD's have been going for 2 years now, and they are very, very facinating!!! From my experience, Alderman Fenwicks House, Bessie Surtees House, Lit and Phil Society, and Guildhall should all be utterly absorbing! And do-able within the city centre.

Some of the most popular ones, you have to book, like the swing bridge motor room, and book really early like when the booklet first comes out!

It's amazing when you read the booklet and realise how much heritage we have in the North East - thoughout Tyne & Wear! Not to mention Northumberland and County Durham...

Remember to take a break, sit down with a nice coffee and slice of cake!

Looking forward to reading your adventures!


B said...

Mike, to get round everything I want to see (even at the speed I'm taking them in) will take about five years :)

I have told my mum and dad to put it in their diary for next year too!

*waves at caroline* I am going to try and get to the lighthouse tomorrow hon. will take millions of pics for you!