Tuesday, 2 September 2008

So. Football.

The news filtered through this morning that Kevin Keegan had left Newcastle. (Funny how these things get through even without access to the internet.) It came from the friend of a husband of a friend who used to play for the team, so it seemed fairly genuine. And when we heard a little while later it was on Sky News, that was it. He was gone, less than a year after he'd arrived.

And yet now, noone seems to know what the hell is going on. Is Keegan sacked? Newcastle deny it. Has he walked out? He doesn't seem to be saying, either way.

So far everyone seems to be supporting him. But if he doesn't step forward and say what the hell's going on soon, I doubt that will last much longer.

What I don't get is why Newcastle didn't scupper this rumour as soon as it started this morning. That's what makes me suspicious. If all in the garden was rosy, then I can't imagine they would have let the rumours take on the mantle of fact all day like this. Let the Newcastle fans make such a racket. (And don't these people have jobs? Seriously, every time something happens at the football team suddenly they are all outside St James' Park.)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, although the true football fans would find this sacrilegious. Sometimes I forget I'm not a Newcastle fan.


Cassandra said...

Went to TigerTiger after the film and there was a great big sign and loads of boys in tracksuit bottom and NUFC shirts protesting. It's all a shame, really.

Mosher said...

It's driving me nuts as well. Are they saying "we didn't sack him" to say "he's still here" or "he walked out and we don't owe him a severance package"?

Frankly if they sacked him I can only think it would be over him punching the chairman in the meeting. Football-wise, he's done nothing wrong. A couple (not enough, but not his fault) of good signings, a decent start to the season and an improvement in the game on the pitch.

If he walks, I perhaps can't blame him. Whoever decided to bring Wise in to handle the transfers needs a kick in the balls.

B said...

...and this morning it was the third headline on Breakfast News. Newcastle now look pretty stupid.

Cassandra, I have to ask - did they even know what they were protesting?!

Mosher, I was wondering if he's been calling all the players to let him know what's going on. But if so - why the hell hasn't he stepped forward to tell the FANS what's going on. Fair enough if he wants to make the board sweat for a while, but this is getting silly. It's just mental.

Mosher said...

See, that annoys me as well. I don't think it's paranoia to feel - as a United fan (a real United, not that fake one from a small town outside of Manchester) - somewhat paranoid about the press. I genuinely do feel they're out to get us all the time, no matter what we do.

Things like this sure as hell don't help. It's past circus and into pantomime. And yes, you're right - the people left most in the dark ere are the fans, and they're the ones coughing up the greatest portion of their own income to watch this farce.

All well and good NUFC saying "we've not sacked him" but how about specifying if he's still actually *there*?

And while they're at it, adequately explaining what drugs they were on when they hired Wise to handle our transfers.

watching9987 said...

It is possible they mistook Dennis Wise for some sort of magical dancing leprechaun - perhaps they were hoping he had a pot of gold?

But yes - it confuses and pains me all this.

Actually what especially annoys me is the BBC phrasing our league start as 'disappointing'. After three games, two of them away to the 'big foot' having 4 points is bloddy good is you ask me, and most other fans too...

Mosher said...

It could be it's a disappointment to the media as they don't get to go "ha ha - Newcastle are bottom with no points" as it's so obvious they'd love to.

Mind, they've got reason to hate us now. We notched Man Ure back two points and most of the... "people" in the media seem to spend the time not writing about how great they are wiping Fergie's bum for him.

Anonymous said...

I am a fan, but watch the results in this order.

Celtic and then the rest of the North East teams all divisions.

The colleges have not started back yet and look at the fans outside SJP, average age about 17 I would think.

mrs K

trousers said...

I just wonder if, regarding NUFC and their managers, they should follow the example of "Have I Got News For You" when Angus Deayton was sacked, ie have a different one each week. Let's face it, they're not far off that already are they?

What a farce. Fascinating and bizarre.

B said...

'as a United fan (a real United, not that fake one from a small town outside of Manchester)'
mosher, that cracked me up for reasons I can't even explain on here. thanks for that :)

all the managers seem to get sacked before they really do any good.

the statements seem to be saying now that he still is there, but not exactly inspiring confidence that everyone thinks he is going to stay.

nik, i think a leprechaun would be a great pull for the crowds. and yes - *how* is 4 points at this stage disappointing? didn't ncl go for like ages before getting any points at all last season? mosher, you could be right....

hey mrs k! not seen you for a while *waves*

ha trousers, that's as good a plan as anything anyone else has come up with! could be amusing.....

Mosher said...

FACT: ManUre are the only "United" in the football league never to have formed from two or more other teams. Which is where the term "United" comes from. Hence, they're not truly "United". Their chants of "There's only one United" are actually a shorter version of "There's only one United which has no semantic qualifaction for the term whatsoever and that would be us". Only I assume it's a little too lengthy for them to remember if they can't even look in a dictionary.

FACT: The team wasn't even formed in Manchester, it was formed in some little rural village outside. Hence there's only one true Manchester team and that's City.

Have success all you like, claim to be the biggest club in the world (I think they have the largest debts, if that counts), say that you've won more than any team in the last 15 years... all true. But try to at least know something about your club's history and not say that you're something you're not.

I'm not really a ManUre hater, as such. I think they played magnificent football last season and genuinely deserved to win the title. I just dislike the way they're handled specially by the press and revered by Andy "sorry, Mr Ferguson, did my tongue tickle your colon" Grey.

B said...

mosher, i had no idea about that first fact! thanks for that.

Wikipedia would argue with the second fact, although i suspect it depends where you draw your boundaries. However - if the original site is close to where Mcr Piccadilly station is now, I would call that well within the boundaries of Manchester centre. Sorry :)

Mosher said...

First fact confirmed by WIkipedia, and the second I suppose you could argue. Back then it was a suburb, and they did move to a small town outside of Manchester where they were situated (if I read correctly) when they relabelled themselves "United".

And let's not also forget that they used Man City's stadium for numerous years while they worked themselves out of financial trouble.

B said...

Yeah, depends on how you read it. Also didn't know they used Man City's stadium for a bit (cheeky buggers). and you could also argue that seeing as their stadium is outside the city centre now, that just proves it... however I've never worked out if the City of Manchester stadium is outside the city centre so I don't want to annoy Man City fans as well :)

Could not believe it when I logged on last night and saw Keegan really has gone. What a bloody fiasco.

Mosher said...

*shrug* At least it's over. And Mike Ashley can pretty much rest assured he's persona non grata within the City of Newcastle now. He may as well pack up his bags and leave.

Before someone bottles the little cnut.