Saturday, 13 September 2008

Tyne & Wear Heritage Open Days

I was out of the house for 9.15am today. That's pretty much unheard of on a weekend.

So far this weekend, I've
  • done a tour of the Literary and Philosophical Society (aka the Lit and Phil)
  • looked round the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas and climbed the tower
  • explored the Castle Keep
  • visited Bessie Surtees' House
  • been to Alderman Fenwick's House
  • toured the Holy Jesus Hospital
  • been shown round the old Newcastle Breweries' Offices
  • looked round the Friends Meeting House in Jesmond.
I have taken approximately a million photos (possibly a slight exaggeration) nearly three hundred photos (!!!!) which I will post to flickr over the next... fortnight, probably. I don't want to overwhelm everyone! (Incidentally, my flickr photostream is getting updated regularly these days if you are interested.)

I got home to D handing me a glass of fresh orange and a cup of tea and the smell of tea on the go. Just about to eat now. I love my hubby.

Tomorrow I plan to do Dance City, Central Square and Central Square South, the Civic Centre, and St Mary's Lighthouse. Then go to my mother-in-law's house for a meal, hopefully.

And that supposedly major protest in Newcastle city centre about the management of the football team? I didn't see or hear a thing of it.


Cassandra said...

You're going to St Mary's? I'm going to Whitley Bay!

B said...

I'd forgotten about that!

I am literally going at 10am when it opens, then dashing into town to get to the rest and still have some time to myself this weekend.

Enjoy Whitley Bay :)

Mike said...

Hi B!

I've been to the Central Square one's last year, and went to the Civic centre last Thu.

The Civic centre tour lasted an hour, and we waited 'on-the-hour' for the guide to come along (eg. 10am, 11am, 12pm)
They have an eclectic mix of decor in there!

Central square - last year you could just go into the foyer bits and look around and upwards! Only takes a few minutes to look around here. Nice cafe, and grand piano!

Did you enjoy your day? What were the best bits?


B said...

really, an hour for the civic centre tour? that's a bit long... might slope out part way through.

oh i really, really enjoyed the day. i'm going to post something about most of the places i went to :)

favourite... probably the first, actually! i really really want to join now, but i might see if i get any ££££ for christmas first :)

Trixie said...

Seriously, up and out that hour on a Saturday??? I'm lucky to be out of my PJ's by midday (if I ever got them on in the first place...sleep where I fall lol)

watching9987 said...

My God woman. So far today I have:
Gotten out of bed.
Thought about shaving.
Hidden my marking.
Gotten back into bed.

B said...

see how i put myself out for you lot? hope you appreciate it :)

nik next year i might kidnap you and drag you round everything. why? for sh!ts and giggles, my friend. i'm easily amused....

Jorgelina said...

Hey, B! Did you catch a glimpse of the Vampire Rabbit while you were at the Cathedral? ;)