Thursday, 16 October 2008


I came across this article yesterday when looking for something for my boss.

It says that the further north men live, the more faecal bacteria can be found on their hands. In Newcastle, more than half the men's hands they tested were contaminated. And these were commuters, professional people (I assume but it seems reasonable from the article) that you might expect to, maybe, wash their hands after they use the toilet.

And the weirdest thing (or maybe the most unsurprising) was that it only applied to men. Not women. There was no north-south divide with women's hand cleanliness.

It makes me want to scrub my hands after every time I shake hands with a man.

Scrubs them with bleach.


Caroline said...

Oh God! I have a thing about door handles and money and... I try not to think about it but now it's 103976842974 times worse!!!!


Leigh said...


You know not to eat peanuts from little bowls on the bar, don't you...?

B said...

Sorry Cas, but you should be relatively safe down there... just scrub your hands next time you're here!

Yes Leigh, haven't done that in years :) disturbs me that i've ever done it at all though....

dp said...

BBC news had this comment: 'In Newcastle and Liverpool, men were more likely than women to show contamination... . In the other three cities - London, Cardiff and Birmingham - the women's hands were dirtier.' So instread of a north-sout divide there's something like a gender reversal.

It continues: 'People who had used the bus had higher rates of hand contamination than those who had used the train. Manual workers had cleaner hands than other professionals, students, retired people or the unemployed.'

As a bus rider in Brum, this is one more health hazard to add along with smokers and muggers.

I'm going to wash my hands after reading this story.

Anonymous said...

You need a 'peck' of dirt to keep your immune system working and fully alert.

trousers said...

Just make sure then that you don't bite the hand that feeds you!

Eurgh - *disgusted at self*

peaceableimperatrix said...

This is funny -- there was an article in yesterday's paper that said that women in general have more types of bacteria on their skin than men, presumably because men's skin is more acidic, and bacteria don't like that.

So, put together, what do these studies tell us?