Friday, 10 October 2008

(sings) Happy Birthday, dear Tyne Bridge

I didn't realise until this morning that this morning is the Tyne Bridge's 80th birthday.
When it was opened, it was the largest single-span bridge in the UK. Have a look at this article, too.
I don't think I'd known before that trams ran across the bridge until 1950. Neither did I know before reading the linked article that the north tower now has the largest inland breeding population of kittiwakes in the UK. It does explain why the bottom of the tower is covered in quite so much bird shit, though....
I also found this article from the 75th birthday of the bridge. The men who worked on constructing it worked 80 feet over the river without any safety harnesses or ropes. It's amazing that only one man died during its construction.

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Cassandra said...

Oh, that video! I got teary eyed hearing the beloved Geordie dialect!