Saturday, 4 October 2008

This is for Nik

Never again will you forget how many sides a stop sign has.


watching9987 said...

Woooo! A dedication. Booooo! Heckling!

Caroline said...

I always thought they were round!

pierre l said...

Proper "stop" signs are always octagonal, so 1. you can see what they are even when they are covered with snow and 2. you can tell when approaching a junction you can whether the other people have one.
Of course, if it's snowing or icy, you also have to decide whether you and the other people will actually be able to stop before reaching the junction.
A round sign containing a triangle with the word stop in it is also valid, bit nowhere near as interesting.
Next question: "yield" vs £give way"

pierre l said...

"give way". In future, you will read the comment before hitting "publish".

trousers said...

I looked at this, first thing this morning (Monday) and it took me ages to work out it was an octagon. I kept counting the sides and losing track, and thinking there must be six sides.

Clearly Monday 730am is not when I'm at my absolute peak.

pierre l said...

The sign in the photo isn't that that clear, Trousers. But I was born in Canada and drove there for eight years. It is not uncommon to have them on all four corners of a junction, so you see a lot of stop signs and any portion of the shape is instantly recognisable.
Thank you for the post, B.

B said...

Nik, heh :)

Caroline, at the quiz I went from thinking round to hexagonal. Unfortunately I didn't get as far as octagonal....

Pierre, that's actually really interesting! I had no idea, but it makes sense - similar to traffic lights being upside down on train tracks so you don't risk the red being invisible.

Trousers, heh!

Pierre, I didn't realise how dark the photo was til after I'd posted it. Will do better next time!

pierre l said...

Eh, I thought it was dark on purpose to add to the mystery. It wasn't meant to be a criticism, lovely B (or I wouldn't have said it - sorry to have offended you).

pierre l said...

Incidentally, I would have failed the quiz too because I started to write "hexagonal" before I looked at the picture a second time. In the pressure of a pub-quiz, I might have said anything.... (I read somewhere recently that if you put ellipses at the end of a sentence you need a fourth dot to act as a period; it looks very odd,)
I didn't know about the railway signals.

B said...

Pierre - not offended - glad you liked the mystery :)

Tis true about the ellipsis - three dots if the sentence carries on; four if it doesn't. Looks OK once you get used to it - it took me a little while!

Look out for signals next time you're on a train :)