Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Blue Reef Aquarium

When my sister and her boyfriend were visiting the other weekend, we went to the Blue Reef Aquarium. I've been past nearly every time I've been to the coast, but never got round to going before.

There were otters (smelly but cute), piranhas (slower than you'd think), seals (splashy; popular with the kids). Seahorses (amazing!) and Picasso fish (hilarious) and clownfish (Nemo!). Rays and lobsters and crabs. Turtles. (The woman in reception said the funniest thing was when they climbed onto the rocks and all on top of each other and then fall into the water.) Sharks. (Shaaaahks!)

When we walked past the
python tank, someone was dangling a dead (or at least very sedate) rodent into the cage by its tail. D wouldn't let me stay and watch as he thought I was going to cry. I have to confess to a love of rodents (when an old friend's pet rat died I cried and cried) but I was mostly just fascinated. My sister watched, though, and apparently the snake wasn't hungry so they took it out again.

There were even bumblebee frogs. They were particularly cute.

For those with kids, they have fishy rubbing stations - basically brass rubbings of fish to do. I say they're aimed at kids... my 21 year old sis did some of them, and her 32 year old sis might even have done one ;o)

A friend had told me it's not very big so to take my time going round. We spent almost two hours looking at the fish and I could have spent longer. However my water-phobic husband had pretty much reached his limit.

He got a stuffed shark as his reward for being put through such torture.

It was fun. Recommended if you have time to kill at the coast.


trousers said...

Sounds good - I've been to a sea-life centre which was very absorbing, and it too had otters . But I'm intrigued, what's hilarious about the picasso fish?

B said...

Did you click through and look at the pics trousers? They really do look like Picasso painted them. It's mad!

trousers said...

I did look at the pics, b - I wonder if the fact that I love Picasso's work so much (I mean, big time) meant that I just liked the look of them rather than found them hilarious? :)

B said...

But they're REEEEEAAAAL! :o)

It's just really really weird. It's like they are swimming paintings. Real live swimming paintings. They look completely bonkers. Like someone's idea of a comedy fish. It's like I have Picasso (and to be fair most other artists) to the left of me and fishes to the right, and never the twain shall meet. Except they do, in Picasso fish.

(did you notice i nearly broke into song there? didya???)

Aquarium said...

I think seahorses are the best.

B said...

Seahorses really are fab. We spent ages watching them.